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“428” Director New live -action mystery ADV finally released -freshly collected! Todays Steams 5 -focused game [May 16, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is “within 3 days after early access and official release” “The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular)” *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

VOX MACHINAE (early access graduation)

VR -compatible cockpit viewpoint mechanical auction “VOX MACHINAE” has finished early access and has officially released. In March of this year, a single campaign mode drawn on a magnificent scale crossing multiple planets was added. In addition, you can play various competition modes, including 16 people, such as “Salvage”, “Stock Pile”, and “Hover Blow”, and up to four -player mode, such as “Convoy” and “Botsstop”. It also supports cross -platform play between PC environment, PC VR, and Meta Quest 2.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

A sequel to a large -scale battle simulation where a large number of characters collide with early access. The number of characters that appear is more than 100 million, more than 100 million, and high quality to make advanced decisions and animations. In addition, AI technology will cooperate with individual characters toward larger goals. In early access, multiple stories, player -led campaigns, sandbox mode, etc. are implemented, and the period is 3-4 months.

Achilles: Legends Untold

This work is an action RPG that adventures in the world inspired by the ancient Greek mythology as Achilles of Greek mythology. The player becomes Achilles, travels in various places with the powerful artifacts to be trained on the way, and aiming to confront the god of fear as a child of the military god Area and the god of fear. 。 The battle is a soul -like thrilling battle, and you can build your own play style by combining abundant skills and weapons.

Spring Yuki Retrochika

A full -fledged mystery adventure “Spring Yuki Retrochika”, which is the director of Koichiro Ito, known for “428 closed Shibuya” and “TRICK x Logic”, has been released. In this work, there is a mystery writer “Kawasemi Haruka” who visited the clan over the “fruits of the elder”, which is said to sleep in the mansion, which is said to be sleeping in the mansion, which has been mysterious for 100 years. I will challenge one murder case. The player derived a “clue” collected as a “mystery” in a much more thinking space in the thinking space. We will challenge the mystery created at the fair and aim to elucidate the truth of the incident.

tin can (early access graduation)

“TIN CAN”, which allows you to experience extreme survival in the outer space escape pod, has officially released. This work is a survival game corresponding to various phases in the escape pod that escaped from the exploded spaceship. In the pod, various problems occurred, such as machine problems such as damage to electric cables, air filter abnormalities, and changes in the universe. Players need to deal with any current troubles that are currently occurring based on the prepared manuals. If you want to know more, please see here.