Ghost of Tsushima on drugs – this insider tip is completely crazy!

Bock on a real insider tip? Then the ears caught! Take a bit of Ghost of Tsushima and pack the whole thing to a GTA gangster city. And then you let a big WTF tank fall in: this game comes out: Katana Zero.

WTF moments, slow motion, Kill-Bill-Vibes-plays this game, thanks me later!

Admittedly, Ghost of Tsushima and Katana Zero have nothing in common at first glance. That’s not true! In both games you can snap off properly and feel like a blade god. Only in Katana Zero there are still slow motion, bullet ward off and lots of WTF moments .

In this game you slip into the role of a contract killer who is supposed to switch off various criminals for his psychiatrist. Pack your controller or other control device in cotton wool, because you will often die in this game. But every death makes you your better warrior. In addition, the high level of difficulty spurs you to become creative and even the hardest situations to solve with just a few blows. Just like in Ghost of Tsushima, only on drugs!

In the lower trailer you can give yourself an impression of the chaos in Katana Zero:

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What do your nightmares mean? Who are the Power Rangers who follow you? And who are you really? Questions about questions, fights about fighting, death over death – Katana Zero will inspire you for a long time, enchant you on one side with melancholic moments and on the other hand with nerve -wracking twists .

It is also a game with love for details and bizarre peculiarities. To give you an example: The hero needs a suitable soundtrack ** on his Walkman (yes, just like in Baby Driver!). And if the order is done, it goes back to his untidy nerd booth, where noisy neighbors and a curious child are waiting for him. In addition – the fights are so damn fun. Play clever, play quickly, play brutally and leave the cleaning staff a big chaos as your signature.

Better to catch up with a good “Open World” game with many cool fights that makes Ubisoft a bit jealous? * Treat yourself to Ghost of Tsushima! **

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Katana Zero originally appeared on April 18, 2019 and can now be played on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. A vicinity, exciting struggles with petty criminals and large end bosses, a great soundtrack and a graphics style to kneel down. Play this game, thanks me later!