Smilegate recruits job experience -type internships in 2022

[Smilegate Holdings Moon Young -soo] Smilegate announced on the 11th that it will recruit job experience -type internships.

This internship will be held in various corporations and organizations such as Smilegate RPG, Smilegate Entertainment, Smilegate Mega Port, as well as Smilegate Holdings, Hope Studio, Social Contribution Foundation, and Orange Planet. Recruitment jobs include game planning, game data analysis, AI natural book research, management strategy, and creative and start -up support.

The documents will be accepted on the Smilegate Career page until 17:00 on the 24th of this month. If the internship is confirmed after the interview is passed after the document passes, it will work at Smilegate for eight weeks from July to August this year.

Intern workers will be assigned to the business, performing practical tasks and receiving a one -on -one mentoring that can improve their job capabilities. In addition, you can take a job lecture and gain a wide range of knowledge of the game and the entertainment industry and expand your understanding. You will also have the opportunity to participate in social contribution activities in Smilegate.

In particular, the ‘Data Science’ job internship of Smilegate RPG corporation and Smilegate Holdings corporation is operated in a recruitment linkage type, and after the end of the internship, the opportunity to hire full -time jobs will be given according to the evaluation results.

Smilegate talent recruitment official said, “Smilegate’s job experience internship is one of the best opportunities for job seekers to be interested in the game and the entertainment industry to experience the business and to gauge and develop their skills.” “We are expanding recruitment by operating various recruitment programs to discover and foster excellent talents.”

Smilegate, meanwhile, runs a summer and winter internship program every year. It operates regularly for college students’ vacation season so that more applicants can participate. The summer season internship is operated as a job experience type, and the winter season internship is operated by recruitment.