Hellmann for Peters at UEFA

This should apparently happen at the upcoming meeting of the Confederation Executive Committee in Vienna on Tuesday. The UEFA Congress will take place in the Austrian state capital on Wednesday, which includes the agenda item “Current information on UEFA commissions” on the agenda. Hellmann is to succeed Peter Peters, currently Vice Chair of the Commission. It is unclear whether also as a “vice” or as a decent member.

Peters, who had resigned as DFL supervisory board and lost the duel for the DFB tip against Bernd Neuendorf, will also withdraw from his function in the FIFA Council at the end of the year. Formally, the former Schalke CFO is appointed to the UEFA licensing commission until 2023.

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In addition to the sporting success, i.e. the move into the final of the UEFA Europe League against the Glasgow Rangers in Sevilla (May 18, 9 p.m., live! At Confederation Executive), the Hessen also also made aware of sports policy by making it. a stronger networking of the middle class clubs on the continent. Eintracht board spokesman Hellmann, for example, criticized the intended wildcards for the new Champions League from 2024. This topic is also likely to be on the table in Vienna. With Dr. Marc Lenz, director of the German Football League (DFL) for international topics, is located another German in the licensing commission. The 36-year-old formally represents the league association “European Leagues” in the committee, which is also strong against the wildcards.