Xbox: Put violent network problems Microsoft

At the weekend, extensive network problems have provided plenty of frustration with Xbox owners because their complete game libraries were blocked. To prevent this in the future, gamers should make an important attitude to their Xbox.

Microsoft’s gaming network had some serious disorders at the weekend. The Xbox live service was unreachable for many players, cloud functions were not available and Digital games could neither be bought nor started . For many gamers, this meant that they had no access to their game library.

Microsoft: Network dropouts blocks game library

Many Xbox gamers hit the network problems at the weekend. Fortunately, Microsoft has largely fixed the mistakes , but the community is further shocked by the incident, since not only the online functions have suffered. Even games that can be played offline were not accessible to gamers-a special problem for the Xbox Series S, which ultimately does not have a disc drive.

Xbox Live failure: Offline option helps players

Some gamers were able to deal with the Xbox Live failure with the fact that they went into offline mode with their Xbox. You can easily select this in the network options of your console. So that playing in offline mode works without any problems, you should first set the console (in front of the next network problem) as your home Xbox.

This works very simply by calling the guide on the Xbox button and calling the settings there via the profile & system. There you come through the General and Personalization tabs on the option of my Xbox home console. There you can select the option “As my Xbox home console” and hopefully be prepared for the next Xbox Live dropouts in the event of cases and continue to be able to play your games offline at least.

Xbox Servers Down AGAIN

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