Under development of skate shop management sim “SKATE SHOP SIMULATOR”. Do anything from product sales to repair, skateboard test run, new store renovation

Developer ConsoleWay is developing a skate shop management game “Skate Shop Simulator”. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the distribution time is undecided. According to the store page, the game seems to be compatible with Japanese display.

“Skate Shop Simulator” is a simulation game where you can experience the management of a skateboard shop. Open your own shop in the city and sell related items and apparel, such as skateboard decks. Both decks and apparel, such as T -shirts, have various designs.

It seems that you can buy and sell your favorite products, but from the perspective of management, it is important to have an assortment that matches the trends at that time. Customers prefer trendy designs, so they check what is now popular. Here, there seems to be an element of what kind of customer base to aim.

Repairs are also performed at the shop. We respond to requests that customers bring, such as repairing decks where the truck has come off. It seems that not only skateboarding, but also repair requests such as bicycles, kickboards, and inline skating. Tools such as electric drivers and welding machines are provided, and purchasing a new tool will help you to make more complicated repair. It is also possible to purchase second -hand goods at the auction, repair them, and sell them at the store.

Repaired skateboards can be tested before handing over to the client. At a skate park, it looks like a skateboard game. However, it is unknown how much you can slip freely because of the mini -game format. In screenshots, you can also see icons indicating some actions. Perform multiple tests, and if a problem is found, you may have to start over.

If the store’s management is on track and the reputation of customers is increasing, open a new store. Check and buy the property in the city that is being sold. Some properties can be used immediately as a skateboard shop, while others are not so -so -that, and in the latter case, they will renovate themselves.

After cleaning and repairing, we purchased equipment such as display shelves. You can freely place it and finish it into your favorite shop. In such cleaning and repairs, they will use various tools. If you arrange the products and hire a clerk, the new store will open.

As you expand your business, you can launch your own brand. For apparel products such as clothes and shoes, the editor can be customized by customizing colors, designs, logo, etc. to create original products. Of course, it can be sold at the store, and you can enjoy how the purchased customers change their clothes on the spot.

“Skate Shop Simulator” is being developed for PC (Steam). The delivery time is undecided.