How to get light ale at Stardew Valley

Several items in Stardew Valley demand that you grow and make other objects, and then combine them. Payl El is a product that is produced only a combination of hops and a barrel . Below we will tell you how to get both ingredients and how to combine them.

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how to plant hops in Stardew Valley

To get hops, you need to buy Hops Starter at Jojamart or at the Pierre’s General Store store for 60 grams. Plant the starting seeds in the summer. If desired, you can use your greenhouse or island farm at any time of the year. You will need to leave the space between cultures if you want to water them or harvest, as they grow on trellis.

You can collect hops 12 days after you put it.

How to make a barrel in Stardew Valley

You will receive a recipe for making barrels after reaching the 8th level of farming. Barrel manufacturing recipe:

  • One iron ingot
  • 30 Wood
  • One oak resin
  • One copper ingot

How to mix a barrel and hops to make a light ale

Keep your hops in the barrel, and then interact with the barrel to place hops inward. After a day and a half, a light ale will be in your barrel, so do not forget to check it.

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