Switch exceeds PS4 sales in the United States

It is a fact that the Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles of the moment. With more than 100 million units sold globally, this platform has the potential to become one of the best selling in history. In what happens, recently it was announced that the switch has exceeded PS4 sales in the United States.

According to VGCARTZ, who are responsible for providing information related to games and consoles sales, Switch already has more than 35.61 million units in the United States . In comparison, the PS4 has sold 35.25 million in the same country. Considering that the hybrid platform reached the market in 2017, and the PS4 in 2013, this is not only a victory in numbers, but also.

However, the PS4 and its 116.97 million units in general continue to surpass the switch with its 107.19 million consoles worldwide . Taking into account the rhythm of the Nintendo console, it would not be surprise to hear that this platform surpassed the past generation of PlayStation at the end of this year, or throughout 2023.

PS4's Incredible Sales Lead; Switch Fastest Selling Console in US History; XB1 Game Sales Slump
On the other hand, it is also mentioned that The PlayStation 5 has about 19 million units sold worldwide, while Xbox Series X | s has more 14 million . Recall that both platforms suffer from production problems, although Microsoft has managed to solve this inconvenience in a better way than its competitors.

On related issues, the GNNSHIN impact switch has not been canceled. Similarly, Nintendo gives several tips to take care of the switch battery.

Editor’s note:

The Nintendo Switch is a great console, full of quality experiences. During the pandemic, one of the reasons why this platform was a success, not only is it due to animal crossing: new horizons, but to its availability in stores, something that the PS5 and Xbox Series x | s did not achieve at the time.