Grandsa, strengthening communication with a demonstration content The Sound of Star

Enpixel (co -representative Bae Bong -gun, Jung Hyun -ho) announced on the 4th that it will showcase the new content ‘Stars’ in the multi -platform MMORPG ‘Grandaga’, which is being developed and serviced by the company.

‘Stars’ is part of a communication policy to introduce the contents under development as a pilot form to reflect the opinions of users and increase the completeness.

Using Light and Sound to Communicate

Enpixel said that the first content is that it will introduce five dungeons, including treasure hunt that can be obtained in large quantities, and actively collect users’ opinions. In addition, the Guardian System can recruit the popular Non-Player Character (NPC) ‘Eve’ to the team, and four popular characters in the game, including ‘Luin’, ‘Kaito’ and Ceriad, Maid and Deacon themes. The costume ‘noble mission’ will be introduced until the 19th.

In addition, in May of the family month, it will offer up to 90 free summons of artifacts through attendance and events, and various events such as the Mimic Gold Support Event, which can earn a total of 5 million gold, will be held.

On the other hand, Enpixel recently released a major update plan for users in ‘Grandaga’ and focused on communication bulletin boards for one month in April, and aims to communicate and share the users in Korea and Japan. The company plans to expand the service area.