Lee Jong -ho, Candidate, Candidate, Candidate, Candidate and Technology ‧ICT, I will innovate again

Lee Jong -ho, a minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication, said, “The mission granted to the Ministry of Science and Technology is to revolutionize the science and technology and ICT, and respond to technology hegemony and digital transformation.” I will do my best to perform the role of the Ministry of Information and Communication. ”

At the HR hearing held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 3rd, Lee introduced four policy directions: redesigning science and technology systems, securing super -gap technology and strengthening basic research, realizing digital platform government, and national and society as a whole. did.

Lee said, “We have been dedicated to research and development, industry -academic cooperation, and human resource development in the semiconductor sector for the past 30 years.” And explained.

He said, “The experience of majors and experiences will be a small part compared to the role of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the entire work, but as much as the passion and expertise in research and development, industry -academic cooperation, and talent training will be helpful in Korea’s science and technology and ICT innovation. I believe it, ”he said.

The candidate introduced four policy directions. In the field of redesignation of science and technology systems, the company plans to turn into a system led by the private sector and supported by the government to expand its participation in the policy process. Lee said, “We will improve the R & D evaluation system to establish a system that can harmonize challenging and creative research and practicalization and commercialization.”

Securing super -gap technology and strengthening basic research, “We will strengthen strategic investment to secure core technologies such as semiconductor, artificial intelligence, space, and bio, which are essential for national survival, and ensure autonomy and creativity as much as possible for basic research.”.

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In order to support the realization of the digital platform government, the company plans to preemptively foster digital industries such as artificial intelligence (AI), software, methus and cloud. In addition, the National Data Policy Committee, a data policy control tower, will also improve public service.

Lastly, the company plans to strengthen the cyber security response system while increasing the network to fullyize digital innovation throughout the national and society. The candidate emphasized that the issue of broadcasting and telecommunications is “We will respond with the opinions of various stakeholders with the first priority of the people’s benefits.”