Tomb Raider IP + Developer leaves Square Enix

Lara Croft, a beauty archaeologist who once lit the hearts of many male gamers. Her ‘Tomb Raider’ IP, her hero, leaves Square Enix’s arms.

Sweden’s large game publisher Embracer Group announced today that it has signed a contract with Square Enix to acquire some IP for $ 300 million (about 380 billion won). The studios that have been acquired are Crystal Dynamics and Aidos Interactive. As Aidos Interactive is acquired, the developers of Aidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal are also part of the Embracer Group.

With the acquisition of the studio, the four types of Tomb Raider, Days X, CEF, and Legacy of Kane were also embraced in the embracer group’s arms. However, that does not mean that all IPs in overseas studios under Square Enix have gone beyond. Just Coys, Life of Strange and Out Riders will continue to be released as IP of Square Enix.

Square Enix Just SOLD a TON of GAME STUDIOS! Embracer Groups TAKES OVER?
Square Enix said it was to enter new businesses for the sale of overseas studios and some IPs. More specifically, it is to invest in new technologies such as blockchain, AI, and cloud.

As Tomb Raider is in the Embracer Group’s arms, attention is also focused on new works under development. On April 6, Crystal Dynamics announced that it is developing a new Tomb Raider series using Unreal Engine 5 in ‘State of Unreal 2022’. It is not known whether Reboot’s sequel or a new Tomb Raider series is, but as the Tomb Racer Group has now embraced the Tomb Racer Group, it is also paying attention to the future of Tomb Raider.