Bagsnax: How to go through the quest chain of Chandlo

Bugsnax has a lot of additional content that you can draw, including the line of quests of Chandlo. To get to the island of Bigsnax, you will need to fulfill all the quests of Chandlo, which will ultimately lead to one of the hidden bosses of the game. Below is everything you need to know about how to help Chandlo gain weight.

Bugsnax Side Quest 100% Walkthrough - Chandlo (Includes Mama Mewon Legendary Bugsnax Boss)

How to complete Chalus checks its strength

In the first quest of Chandlo, Beef Up, you must feed it three aggressive bugsnax. This is any SNAX that is charged in your place, some of them that are easy to get is Scoopy Banoopy, Buffalocust, Bunger and Flapjackarak. After you feed him this, he will ask you to fulfill his second quest “Weighing”.

For the second quest, you just need to use your serpentine to drop goods. Just do not forget to hit a little by weight before it gets to the weight point. After that, you will go with Chandlo to fight with one of the bosses of the game, Mom Mevon.

How to catch Mom mevon

Mom Mevon will cease to be a cool boss as soon as you learn to fight with her. During the battle, she will send her children. You will want to use your trap for snakes to capture them under the hanging stones of the room. When Vi Mevon is caught, the mother of Mevon will go to save him, and you can use your snake to hit the rock at the top, forcing him to hit Moevon’s mother.

You need to hit Mom’s mother with three stalactites before Chandlo wakes up and leads him under the fourth. After that, you can capture Moevon’s mothers and complete the quest chain of Chandlo.

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