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Where to find the arrows of damage in Horizon Zero Dawn

The arrows of damage to Horizon Zero Dawn force cars and people to attack everyone who is within their reach. Instead of suppressing cars, corruption arrows can be used with the same effect to get a temporary ally when attacking a large group of enemies. It is mainly used as ammunition for combat bows, but only for some of them. Here you can find the arrows of damage in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Max Damage Precision Arrow - Legendary Mods Shadow Sharpshot Bow

Where to Find the Shadow War on Horizon Zero Dawn

The most widely accessible combat onion using corruption arrows is onions of the shadow war . This can be bought from a merchant in meridian for 800 metal fragments and one heart of the Trumpler . This allows Ela to use the arrows of frost, shock and damage, which makes it good when imposing effects of condition. The arrows of damage can be made from 10 ridges of Ridzhwood, five metal fragments and two metal burns.

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Other fighting bows with corruption arrows

There are two other fighting onions that allow the use of corruption arrows. These Luke champion Banuk and Battle onions of the box . The Banuk champion can be exchanged for Sinicvet a unique item that can be used to exchange a banuk for a special weapon, which can be exchanged once for passing .

The battle onion of the box is awarded by Ela after the completion of all five tasks. Hunting grounds Earnings 15 flaming sun from them. Then Aydaba will reward players with weapons, which is better than Shadow War Bow, but not as powerful as Adept Banuk Champion onions.

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