New Skull and Bones mockery revealed after a great game leakage

Calavera y bones has had a remarkable filtration, revealing a ton of new games, which forced the Ubisoft editor to respond with a new provocation. _Calavera and bones Ubisoft saw the potential to expand this concept and has spent a lot of time trying to make sure it goes well, which turned out that the game was essentially in a hell of development, but it seems that Ubisoft could be ready to launch it soon.

Skull & Bones Leaked Footage CONFIRMED AS LEGIT
New images of the game were leaked from an alpha test, which offers extensive details about Calavera and bones. The footage is essentially a tutorial for the game and guides players through all key features, such as the fact that your crew can turn against you if you do not properly handle their morals. He has traveled a long way from being just a spin-off of credo of the murderer and has become one of the deepest pirate experiences that exist. The leak caused Ubisoft launches a small teaser from Skull and Bones which suggests more information and probably the game will come very soon. Ubisoft is expected to have some type of appearance in summer games events, so we are likely to obtain concrete information and a new look at the game around June.

Ubisoft is largely eliminating the images of the Internet and we cannot house them here in Comicbook, so it can be difficult to find, but Ubisoft is likely to believe a new and more complete version of what was leaked for its summer showcase. From now on, calavera and bones has no release date, but it is expected to be launched at some point of next spring. Since you are doing game tests at this time, you could see a vacation launch of 2022, but that is nothing more than pure speculation.

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