The update of Tetris 99 presents the combat mode in a team, brings the special themes brings together and more

Prepare your team, tetris 99 players. There is a new update that will allow you to work together better than ever.

Nintendo has published a new update for its famous Puzzle Switch game. Players can now team up together in a whole new mode while checking more features and preparing for the next Jet of Maximus Cup, which will take place later this week.

In Battle Team mode, players choose their favorite from four different teams at the start of each game. While some can be higher in the number of members, those who are smaller will receive a boost of attack power to balance things. Anyone who has a member still standing at the end of the match wins for his entire team.

But those who are eliminated from the match do not stop. While waiting for spectators, they can send the “I like” to players still in the game, encouraging them. Staying active throughout the match will allow you to receive The Points XP, no matter where your progress has ended.

The team combat mode will be linked to the 10th Maximus Cup, which will start on December 12 at 11 p.m. PDT. It will take place until December 16 at 10:59 p.m. HAP. The players will gain according to their place in each match, and the 999 best players will leave with 999 points for their team. All the details on this tournament are available on the official tetris 99 page.

It is a fun mode to try, especially if you have the friends who are competitive tetris 99 as much as you.

The update also allows you to test different configuration options The buttons and you can buy the special themes that you may have missed. Several favorites are available for 30 tickets each. These include the original game of original tetris, _ _splatoon, Fire Emblem: three houses, _ and _super Kirby Clash. Hurry up, they are only available for a limited period. You can also hang some user emblems.

This update is free and should be downloaded at the next game starting. We will see you in the Cup.

Tetris 99 Adds Team Battle Mode & Brings Back Classic Nintendo Maximus Cup Themes! - Game & Watch

Tetris 99 is now available for Nintendo Switch. You can download it digitally or consult the commercial version (with a 12 -month Nintendo Switch Online subscription required to play online) for $ 29.99.