Samsung Electronics Foundry 5 years order balance, 8 times the previous years sales

Samsung Electronics said that the five -year order backlog for the semiconductor consignment production (foundry) project is eight times the previous year’s sales. It is said that the yield is overly concerned in the market.

On the 28th, Kang Moon -soo, vice president of Samsung Electronics Foundry Division, announced his first quarter’s earnings, and at the company briefing session (IR), it is said that the order of major customers such as Qualcomm and NVIDIA is going to be a competitor. I answered like this.

Kang said, “The five -nanometer (nm, 1 billionth of a billion) process is in the mature yield.” “We are maximizing supply to major customers based on stable yields.”

He also said, “The initial yield lamp up (RAMP UP) has been delayed.”

Regarding the 3 -nano process, he said, “We will reduce the period of yield lamp and increase profitability.” “We are preparing to secure a new R & D line to quickly develop the process.”

In the meantime, it has been pointed out that Samsung Electronics does not secure as expected 4 nano process yields. Because of this, Qualcomm has left the 3 -nano process next -generation application processor (AP) consignment to Taiwan TSMC.

Kang said, “Contrary to worry, the demand for major customers is more than Samsung’s capacity.”

In particular, Samsung Electronics’ order balance for the next five -year section is eight times the previous year’s sales.

Samsung Electronics' estimated operating profit in 2021 up 43.5% to around US$ 43 bil.

“I think the market is excessively concerned these days,” he added.

Samsung Electronics recorded sales of 77.78 trillion won and operating profit of 14.11 trillion won in the first quarter of this year. This is the largest quarterly performance ever, exceeding 70 trillion won in sales for 3Q. 1Q sales increased 1.6% QoQ.