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Cube world: how to tame an animal to become a pet

You do not always have to count on the fact that another player will support you in mond cubic. You have the way to bring an animal with you and have your orders follow it. For those who seek never to travel alone in _ Cubic monde, _ You have the possibility of taming a domestic animal and bringing it with you to help you. However, it takes a little time and practice.

How to tame a pet in the cube world

Fortunately, learning a domestic animal does not require too much effort. You just have to understand a handful of simple mechanisms and make them. The first thing to do is locate the type of food you will use for the animal you want to tame. We have the full list here for your reference.

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Generally, you will locate most of these foods on the world and let enemies drop them off when you kill them in battle. However, if you know the city in the biome where you are, you can always visit the city’s shopping area and locate the object store. The object store will have all the food available, but for a price. So if you don’t have money, you can make a handful of quests or eliminate enemies to get gold. From there, you can take the ideal food for your pet and go in search of the animal to tame.

Take the food you want to use from your inventory in your hand. Approach the animal you are trying to tame and offer it. After a moment the animal will create links with you. When this is the case, you will see it win a health and mana bar below with yours in the upper left of the screen. There are five types of animals that you can acquire in _mond cubic: _

  • Healing: these creatures will treat the nearby allies during the fights.
  • Mixed: These creatures will get closer and damage enemies with close attacks.
  • Fixtures: you can mount these creatures around the game.
  • Remote: these creatures will attack enemies with a distance attack.

Cube World | How To Tame & Ride a Pet!
* Tanks: These creatures are suffering from the enemy’s damage, but does less damage.

We do not have a list of what each animal does in the game. We will build one in the future, and we will ensure to connect it here when we finish it.