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Wow: After Shakira, Michael Jackson and Casse

Announced last week, the next World of Warcraft extension is called Dragonflight. It incorporates a new breed called Drithyr which will have a humanoid shape and whose dance is inspired by a well -known electro group.


DRACTHYRS evocatives: What is this new breed of WOW?

Last week took place the announcement of the new and ninth extension of World of Warcraft. Named Dragonflight, she puts the dragons at the heart of her story and gameplay. They play a leading role in the history of Warcraft ( that we try to summarize in the article devoted to the layout of the extension trailer ) and will also be in the foreground of the gameplay.

Indeed, a new breed will be available for dragonflight. The dracthyrs, raised by Neltharion on the Dragons Island, have a humanoid and draconic shape . The players will alternate between the two for the fighting. This breed also constitutes a novelty at the level of the gameplay since it is accompanied by a unique class called évocateur which will be able to load its spells before launching them.

DRACTHYR evocative: A dance inspired by LMFAO?

And if Blizzard has yet to provide some clarifications concerning the class, some details have not gone unnoticed with the community of World of Warcraft players: the dance carried out by the Drithyrs. Before going into the details of it, it is important to remember that each breed of the game has a clean dance that can be made with the “/dance” command. Now, these dances are all inspired by more or less known choreographies: Billie Jean of Michael Jackson for the Elves of the Night Men, Whenever, wherever of Shakira for the troll women or the danse of the fairy Dragé of casse-harts For Kultirassians .

What about Drithyrs? More than a dance of a particular song, it is a type of dance that served as a model for the new draconid race: the shuffle, which we can have an overview below (but it is also available in the press area of the Blizzard site). A dance popularized in the underground districts of Melbourne in Australia, whose reputation is soaring in the 2000s/2010s with the electro LMFAO group and in particular party rock Anthem. This is not a first, since it was already the dance used for the men’s pandaren.


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What are they ugly mess

Michael Jackson vs Shakira 2019 From 1 To 50 Years Old
After the fury of the vulpera here is the scaled thing

Looks like a full payette Korean MMO where everything is pretty and gontil and cute

Blizzard is so finito wanting to please a divert minority that only exists in Goldshire

People were more hype by Wotlk than by this extension

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