Marvel future revolution

Game talent, “Future Content Foundation”

The Game Talent Foundation (Chairman Chung Wook) will change its name to the ‘Future Contents Foundation’ and start a new start. In addition, the new chairman said he has appointed Neptune CEO.

The Foundation requested a permission from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, a ministry, after the decision to change the articles of incorporation at the board of directors held on March 11, and as a result, the name was officially changed to the Future Content Foundation.

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The name change to the Future Contents Foundation is not limited to the game, but to expand the public service for the entire content by expanding it. Expanded. Through this, the Foundation plans to inherit the existing talent development and scholarship projects, and will be newly launched in the content industry awareness improvement project, content marginalized support projects, contents -related academic projects, and content -related system improvement projects.

Prior to the change of name, the Foundation appointed Neptune CEO as the new chairman. Chairman Chung has served as a co -representative of NHN Hangame and Friends Games, and is currently the CEO of Neptune. In addition to Chairman Chung Wook, the board of directors who will be in charge of the future contents foundation is Professor Kim Jung -tae, the Department of Game, Kim Jung -tae, who has been in hand at the existing game talent, Jang Young -cheol, Kyungmin University, Professor of Convergence Software, Kim Seong -gon, former Secretary General The teacher decided to be together.

In this regard, Chung Wook, the new chairman, said, “I will be the chairman of the newly departing future contents foundation.”

Former Chairman Nam Gung -hoon said, “It is said that the game talent I founded is changing to the future content foundation this year, which has been in the 10th year.” As much as I made, I am confident that the board of directors, including Chairman Chung Wook, will achieve great achievements. ”

Meanwhile, the Game Talent Foundation, the predecessor of the Future Contents Foundation, began to be strong since its founding in 2013! Through the project of the game person award, the game of the game, the game of the game, the game and the game development competition, the company led the expansion of human base and improvement of awareness of Korean games. there is. The Future Contents Foundation will inherit all current projects, including the organization of the Game Teachers.