FC Bayern: Reason for Robert Lewandowskis gloom

To the future of Robert Lewandowski in FC Bayern there are further speculation. Most recently, the world footballer made a rather depressed impression despite the championship title achieved. Now it becomes clear why that is so.

The naked facts are clear: the contract of Robert Lewandowski is still dated until 2023. The club bosses already stressed to extend with the striker, but has passed little since then. That’s why the 33-year-old currently seems to become more thoughtful.

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According to “Sky” Lewandowski burden the uncertainty about his future. “The situation is doing something with him,” replied Reporter Florian Plettenberg and added: “It will be a different summer for Lewandowski.”

Allegedly, Lewandowski also felt that FC Bayern has dealt with BVB-ShootingStar Erling Haaland. Lastly, the Haaland-familiar Jan Aage Fjörtoft even revealed that the Munich allegedly also still do this.

Therefore, “Sky” speculates that Lewandowski does not fell, which happens behind the scenes at the German football record champion.

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After it sounded in the last few weeks of club site as if Lewandowski were already in intense talks with those who were able to see the Polish international at the weekend that there was no negotiations so far. “Soon something happens,” said the attacker at “Sky” and, in many ways, said, “The only thing I know that it comes to a meeting.”

Roberts Management Hasan Salihamidzic played the Causa Lewandowski at “SKY90”. “He has a contract until 2023, we have all the time in the world, to talk,” said the 45-year-old, but gave to: “We have not yet negotiated”.

Salihamidzic: Lewandowski is “top earner” at FC Bayern

Anger sees the Roberts director due to the late call start none but had been an appointment with Lewandowski’s consultants. “I do not see that the fronts hardened,” says Salihamidzic.

It exclaimed that Lewandowski could leave the club this summer. “Lewy enjoys the greatest appreciation that can ever give it. The fans love him, we love him in the club,” he said. Lewandowski is a “top man” and the “top earner in the club”.

One must cut off after the Roberting and the Corona sagging but also see how much money the club has available, Salihamidzic said. “Before the pandemic we had rising revenue, now we have falling revenues and rising salaries.”