After Chaos Partition between Rapid and Sturm: Banden about Dibon, trouble about referees

The SK Rapid and Sturm Graz parted on Sunday with a 1: 1 draw. After closing afood, numerous injuries, the referee and the vice-championship were discussed.

After closing whistle certainly not the 1: 1 remembered, but the four injury-related changes (Christopher Dibon, Jon Gorenc Stankovic, Anderson Niangbo and Otar Kiteishvili), the eight yellow cards and the two place references (Gregoriy Wüthrich and Ferdinand Feldhofer). Rapid came in an overnumber with the first real chance late still for compensation – in the end, the dot division was still fine.

Especially the penalty, the ManPrit Sarkaria used to 1-0 for storm, made with Rapid-Coach Ferdinand Feldhofer for abdominal pain. “Oh my God. It is probably a contact and he stumbles because of that. But we would have every game three to four penalties if you always exist. Striking at storm, however, it is already that they fly relatively quickly. That’s even in preparation. We also knew that, wanted to take care of it, but it seems not quite succeeded, “Feldhofer Monthly at SKY.

Overall, the Rapid coach saw “a competitive and expecting heavy game. Storm was well stood, little actively made for the game and we were sometimes just too little accurate and too static. So you can not create a chance and that has become better only after the exclusion of the opponent. “

Especially bitter for Rapid: Giant Pechbird Christopher Dibon was replaced with knee problems again. The central defender forceful bitter tears – after numerous comeback attempts, he recently announced that it was his last attempt. Now the career end could be threatened.

Feldhofer over Dibon: “Keep calm”

“Of course it’s extremely bitter for him and hurts us brutally. This also fits into our last performances, where we always had to change after a few minutes injury. Now you have to keep calm, look what he really has and then think about the future, “Feldhofer tried to calm down.

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Compassion also showed players Kevin Wimmer: “Every of us does that very hurt and very sorry for him. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but we know his history and did not look so good either. If you look like something on the tribune, this is not a nice feeling, especially in a player like him. “

Ilzer about two place: “working with great dedication”

Despite the late compensation, the SK storm could live with the 1: 1. The Grazer secured second place with eight points lead, Rapid must continue to tremble the third place. For both teams, it is now in an English week on Wednesday at 18:30. Rapid has a new home game against Austria Klagenfurt. Storm receives the old and new master Red Bull Salzburg.

“You can have big goals and pronounce them at any time the championship. But I am concerned that we work with great dedication until the end, because theoretically, it is still possible for us to be displaced from this second place, “warned storm trainer Christian Ilzer. “The focus is now on Salzburg, for this match I need once a fantasy as we can compensate for these many failures. But we will have a big squad and we will and have to find solutions.”

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Bitter for storm: Jon Gorenc Stankovic, Anderson Niangbo and Otar Kiteishvili could fail after their injuries to the end of the season.