The Batman: Thats why Robert Pattinson did not vote his voice

Why has Robert Pattinson in the movie “ The Batman ” actually not adjusted his voice? Finally, these belonged to the trademarks of the figure in the past. Not infrequently, the deep and graying voice of the DC superheroes was persified, often with the iconic words “I Bin Batman“. Now the director of the film, Matt Reeves , has officially expressed to this decision. This statement comes from the director’s commentary to the movie, whose first ten minutes you can already look for free for free. REEVES wanted to present a Batman, according to his own specification, which one would not have seen before:

No grunting batman in 2022

“_Denn, I knew that if we want to tell a detective story here, Batman needs significantly more dialogue scenes than in the past. Although Bruce had many dialogue scenes in all films in all films, but Batman had so far less dialogue.

_The exploring the crime itself made it necessary that he has long dialogue scenes in the suit, some of them very emotional. If he had gotten, then we could have built an emotional bond to him. It was a real finding process to find out how to implement that. “All in all, this approach sounds more than comprehensible.

A successful decision

Another implementation of a character may also require another acting or another representation. And if you like the IMDB average rating of The Batman (Buy Now), then you may have the right one or at least not a completely wrong decision. The film is currently on the platform at a consentless 8.2 out of 10 possible stars. At the same time, our criticism becomes a film clear that this attempt should have encountered incomprehension in some cases. We have already reported on the strange post-credit scene.

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