Epic Seven Beginners Guide – Part II – Heroes, Battle

Welcome to EPIC SEVEN BEGINNERS GUIDE. This guide is divided into 3 distinct guides on EPIC Seven’s most important features and functions. All you need to know to get started in this wonderful game you will find in Epic Seven Beginners Guide.


The Hero button opens all available features for heroes and creatures in your list. These functions are team, hero, improvement of skills, change of specialty and transmission.

The team function opens the screen where you can organize hero teams in your list. By default, you can create 2 different teams, but you can buy more places for the gold team. On this screen you can see the position, role, level and element of hero in a chosen team, devotional skill bonuses (each hero has a special devotion skill that can be improved by combining 2 same heroes. In the hero function promotion window) and the unused hero list of your list.

The hero function is probably the most important function of the game. On the hero screen, you can see everything you need to know about the selected hero and on the list of other heroes and creatures in your list. The left side of the screen has the experience of the hero, its capabilities and their level, the level of heroic skill (devotion) and their actual power (the total CP is the combined value of all statistics, skills and equipment). In the middle of the screen, there are 6 locations for the equipment (weapon, helmet, armor, necklace, ring and boots), 1 location for an artifact (artifacts are special objects that you can get by convening or finishing Some segments of the game. Artifacts generally improve Hero’s skills and capabilities, greatly influencing its global strength, and 3 separate functions – specialty, improve / promote and awaken.

The specialty function provides information on the Relations between Hero selected and other Heroes affiliates. With him and shows you the specialty of Hero, his background and his leader statistics. Each hero has a unique specialty and a score of command, charm and politics. This is important for automatic high command missions because each mission requires some specialties.

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The Enhance / Promote function allows you to improve or promote the hero. You can improve Hero’s experience at any time using penguins and other heroes or creatures. When you want to improve the hero, try using a creature that has the same item as the selected hero to receive maximum possible experience. Depending on the number of stars, each hero has its maximum level – the maximum level for heroes with 3 stars is 30, for heroes with 4 stars is 40, for heroes with 5 stars is 50 and the level Global maximum is 60. When your hero reaches up to the maximum level (up to level 50), he / she can be promoted using a number of other heroes or creatures with the same number of stars, the hero having 1 Star more than before. For example, if you want to promote the 3-star hero 30 hero heroes with 4 stars that can still be improved at Level 40, you will need 3 heroes or creatures (penguins can not be used for this type of phantasmas including the Main goal is to: promote heroes) with 3 stars. To promote 4 level 40 heroes in 5 stars, you will need 4 heroes or creatures of 4 stars. To promote 5 level 50 stars in 6 star heroes, you will need 5 heroes or 5 star creatures. As you can see, the promotion of the hero at the maximum level is very demanding and you will need more than a month to promote a single 6 star hero. I strongly suggest that you start collecting and improving heroes or creatures to promote them from the beginning and plan every promotion in advance.

The awake function allows you to unlock the forgotten skills and skills of each hero. As I said before, each hero can have up to 6 stars. For each star, you can unlock a capacity using runes or catalysts. The price of unlocking increases gradually as you improve the number of stars for each hero. Runes and catalysts can be obtained in many ways: by complementing campaign missions, complementing Spirit Altar and Abyss in Battle Menu, making donations from your guild companions and buying them. Awakening Heroes is very important to achieve its maximum potential, especially since some unlocks greatly improve Hero’s capabilities, but you only have to awake than the heroes you will use in PVE or PVP, because you will not have enough equipment to wake up All the heroes of your list. 19659009] Catalyst Epic Seven Small Sun Badge

I have already mentioned how to get the catalysts above, but there is a specific catalyst that many people are wondering how to get, its Small Sun badge catalyst. There are many ways, but you have to be persistent. You can get it in Zone 3.7, with a much lower fall probability, or you can raise it to 4.8, 4.9 with a higher fall rate (the average energy spent is about 200 to 300).

Let’s continue our discussion on the heroes. On the right side of the hero screen, you can see the list of all the heroes in your list. At the top, you will see the heroes with the largest number of stars, while the creatures with 2 stars will be at the bottom of the list. If the hero or creature can be promoted or awake, you will see the red point on the left side of their image. In addition, if the hero or creature is part of the Premade team, you will see the letter “E” on the left side of their image.

The Skills Reinforcement function is another available function Click the hero icon. The skills of each hero can be improved several times before reaching full potential. When you click Improve Skills, you will see the list of your heroes on the right and the selected skills that can be improved at the center. To improve your skills, you will need molagra and catalysts. The price of improvement gradually increases with each level and maximize a certain level of competence will be a very difficult task. My advice is to learn all the possible improvements of all skills for each hero that you actually use and try to improve the most important. Improving skills can improve skills inflicted damage, care, combat preparation, effect percentage, reduce charging time, etc., so you have to decide what you need most Before spending the necessary resources.

The change in specialty allows you to change the specialty for some heroes and improve them greatly. Heroes whose specialty can be changed are Kluri (level 50), Rozeed (level 50), Lorina (end of his specialty quest), Church of Ilryos ax (end of his quest for specialty), Hazel (end of his quest specialty) and Rikoris. (Complete his quest for specialty.)

The transmission is the last available function when you click on the hero icon, which allows you in principle to remove the honor of selected heroes or creatures and to be paid for this action with Gold and Transmit Stones.

This concludes everything you need to know about Hero’s functions and we will now talk about another important function of the game:


When you click the Battle button (at the bottom right of the lobby, next to the Adventure button), you will see many of the image type icons that lead you to important game segments where you can use your heroes by spending L energy or input tickets. These segments are Side Story, the altar of spirits, Abyss, Hunt, Labyrinth and Challenge.

SIDE STORY is similar to Adventure, but you follow unique stories for some heroes to carry out data missions. Secondary stories look like events and appear during a certain period. The duration of Side Story is usually 20 days or more. During this period, your goal is not only to finish all missions and quests, but also to value the original currency of history. Some missions can be performed at different levels of difficulty (higher difficulty – better rewards) and these missions must be repeated several times to accumulate enough currency for exchange. The exchange of the Side Story currency can provide you with the rewards necessary to improve your hero team. By completing Sade Stories and accumulating enough currency, you will be able to unlock the heroes affiliated to Sade Story. These heroes are usually featuring 5 stars and will be an excellent addition to your list, but you will need to invest a lot of time and energy to unlock them.

Spirit Altar is a game segment in which you can collect runes by eliminating enemies. It becomes available after erase chapter 2.2. The Altars Spirit are based on elements and every day, you will have the opportunity to fight for different runes. For example, the Forest Spirit altar is guarded by wind elements creatures and offers you runes of wind elements. Obviously, there is an altar for each element. Spirit Altar has 10 levels of difficulty and each level offers better chances of acquiring superior runes. Unfortunately, only the runes can be obtained with altars, so you will have to find another way to get the catalysts necessary for the awakening. To participate in the battle of the altar of spirits, you will need energy that will be increased gradually with the level of the altar.

Once Chapter 2 is completed The abyss can be entered via the battle menu. Every day, 3 attempts are given to clean the soils of the abyss. Going down in the abyss, enemies are harder but rewards are also better. Test your limits every day to progress faster. Abyss has 90 levels with unique rewards at each level. Each level is kept by 1 group of enemies and the boss.

When building a steel manufacturing workshop, The Hunt segment is available in the battle menu. In Hunt DUNGEONS, you can cultivate the necessary ingredients for the manufacture of equipment in a metallurgical workshop. There are four different hunting dungeons (Wyvern hunt, Golem hunting, Banshee hunting and azimanak hunting) and each dungeon has more than 10 steps whose difficulty is increasing gradually to offer better rewards (the upper steps provide you. not only of ingredients, but also epic equipment). ) As for altars spirits, it also takes energy to participate in hunting, and the amount of energy needed increases at each stage of hunting.

After completing the first chapter of the game The labyrinth is available. in the Manu battle. There are currently 4 different labyrinths: “Castle of Tierel in Chaos” (opens after completing Chapter 1), “Labyrinth of Great Walche” (opens after chapter 5.9 in normal difficulty), “the sanctum of Nixied “(opened after corrected 7.S6 Seven Flags Fortress in normal difficulty) and” Azmakalis “(opens after 5.9 Piata Roa in difficulty world). Labyrinths are essentially gigantic cards that must be cleared repeatedly to explore 100% of the labyrinth zone and find the portal to the next box. The labyrinths have 5 zones and each zone gradually increases the difficulty of enemies and the quality of rewards.

Party morality is the most important thing at entry into Labyrinth. Your team begins with the morale maximum (50) and after each shot or fight, the morale slowly decreases until reaching the minimum (-50). Once by battle, you can make the camp at the crossroads to rest the party and increase the morale. During the campsite, you can share stories between your heroes in order to increase their morale but be careful because some available dialogues can decrease your morale. You must learn what options are best suited to your selected heroes and you can only do so by trying all dialogs. However, on Hero Specialty Screen, you can find out which heroes have better relationships between them, which can help you choose the dialogs to choose from. In the photo below, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of the high and low morale:

Explore the labyrinth requires careful planning and strategy. You must calculate the best possible route that you can erase with existing morals so that the rest of the area is clear in a minimum of attempts. Each door in the labyrinth is a checkpoint that can be reached automatically by spending 3 points of consciousness. This means that you do not need to erase the path you have already erased because you can move at any time at every checkpoint. Each labyrinth zone comprises at least one gold chest containing quality equipment. So make sure to check all the parts of each labyrinth area. Like adventure cards, labyrinth areas also have 3 tasks to acquire additional old coins (currency needed for the negotiation of various objects). After beating Boss area and reaches the chaos door, you will be able to move to the next labyrinth area. My advice is to clean each 100% zone before moving on to the following area because the monsters of the labyrinth are of great chances of losing high quality equipment and the progression of the labyrinth is necessary for your reputation.

Every day you earn 1 Labyrinth attempt but you can not accumulate more than 3 attempts at the same time, which means you have to participate regularly in Labyrinth to avoid wasting your attempts.

Once chapter 6.1 is completed. You can enter CHALLENGES via the battle menu. In Challenges, you must choose one of the existing opponents and try to beat it to get various rewards (equipment, charms, etc.). Each opponent has different levels of difficulty that offer better rewards to overcome harder opponents. The challenges look like events and change over time. To participate in the challenges, you will need to spend energy depending on the level of difficulty of the opponent. The challenges can be very demanding if you do not have a solid team, so you will need to be patient before you can regularly demand the prices of challenges.

This concludes the basic information about Battle that brings us the important important. Function of the EPIC Seven-Summon. For more information on Summon and the rest of Epic Seven’s features, see Epic Seven Beginners Guide, Part III.

You will find detailed information on all heroes and value in the game on our Epic Seven Tier List.

I hope you enjoyed Epic Seven Beginners Guide and that you fully understand all the segments of the Epic Seven game. Bluemoongame wishes you a long and prosperous travel in a wonderful world called Epic Seven.