Tips and Tips “Iron Oath” for beginners

In the “Iron Oath” players will manage the units of warriors by traveling along the extensive lands of Calum. These warriors will unite as allies, and the choice you do will determine their path in the game. Players who are familiar with the genre of tactical step-by-step role games are wondering how to manage these unique characters with different abilities in The Iron Oath.

Is it worth skipping a prologue in the “Iron Oath”?

Prologue is a training program in the Iron Oath, which gives the players a complete picture of the game mechanics. Players will also get Valkyrie , Futing Boy , Thunderzzz and Pyrolanser In their group for the passage of the prologue. Each party will consist of four participants from the active composition.

You can always hire more characters, but the presence of a strong starting command can be of great importance. Joint participation in various battles will also affect the status of a character’s relationship with other participants of the list.

How to recruit allies in The Iron Oath

To hire allies, just visit Hotel located in different cities. The first thing players will face is in Andilon , and you can hire several characters to diversify the composition. You will need to spend coins to hire new allies from Taverns.

The players will have several options for contracts that can be submitted to warriors, which will allow them to remain more in the composition. Similarly, you can also check the class, age, attributes and the ability of the warrior before hiring it.

How to treat characters in The Iron Oath

Ideally check the health band of your formulations after each battle in the Iron Oath. You can use small healing potions, bandages and other consumables by pressing the first button in the lower left corner or simply clicking I. Players can also purchase provisions before going to the dungeon.

We recommend players to treat their characters before starting any fight to save the advantage. If someone from the characters are wounded, then players can allow him to Lazareza meets in different cities. You can have up to two participants from the active list in Lazarut.

How to unlock the character’s abilities in The Iron Oath

The character’s abilities are unlocked when you start raising the level in the game. Players will be rewarded with attribute glasses and abilities, which can be spent on improving the characteristics of the character. Abilities are used to improve the effects of character’s abilities, and attribute glasses are used to increase the level of six attribute skills.

THE IRON OATH Beginners Guide Tutorial Gameplay Tips Tricks

Use attribute glasses to increase the body level, grace, persistence, belief, insight and mind. In the same way, each class of warriors will have six unique abilities, but only four can be used at the same time. Select the “Ability” tab and open the character list in the Management menu to start spending the ability points.

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