Valorant: The new Promise Zeta Division and the power of Paper Rex dominate the VCT Masters

Closing the number two stage of Valorant with the last two confrontations where you would have eliminated and others that will continue in the contest, seeking the supremacy as well as the best bullets to win the matches that are ahead during these last days of competition in VCT MASTERS

The Zeta Guerreors manage to advance in the tournament

The first series between two Asian teams that have given a very good tournament, on the one hand from Japan the Zeta Division team for another DRX representing Korea , the first map is an icebox where Yuma “DEP “Hashimoto had come with great stability at the mouse and the keyboard, taking very important rounds for the Japanese who, with his aggressive style managed to place the 8-4 in the first half to leave the boys of surprised DRX , with the change of sides, a change of attitude of Koreans was expected to be able to take the map, the player who put the beginning to the plays was Captain Kim “Zest” Gi-Seok who using Sova * * It would be very important for this second part but despite the change of rhythm that Korea posed would not be finished the game with a 13-11 in favor of Zeta. **

The second map would be an Ascent very intense in which the Astra of Kim “Mako” myeong-kwan would be the one who could give the advantage to the team of DRX , placing the astral division and the stars in very important points that would make Korea I could score in a good way to achieve 7-5 in the first half, changing the roles we saw zeta division answering as many rounds That could but Chamber in the hands of Yu “Buzz” Byung-chul would have an almost unbeatable defense achieved that DRX got the second map with a 13-10.

Tarik Reacts to The Guard vs Paper Rex | VCT Masters Reykjavik | VALORANT

The last map would leave us a split where both teams had had good yields, now things are decided in the house of the Japanese, a map where Literally Zeta Division felt inside his home, closing through all the areas of the map so that no I could pass the DRX team, on a “Tennn” map Asai dominated with its RAZE and company to get a 10-2 brutal, on the change of sides and with few rounds to search, The Japanese had very controlled the situation, even though Koreans wanted to react, it was not possible before explosive way showing the Japanese who managed to close the map with 13-4 and eliminate their rivals.

goodbye emea, hello apac

A second series that was waiting for, the G2 ESPORTS team against Paper Rex to see who would be the last eliminated day, starting on a Split map that seemed very much in favor of the European team with a defense that seemed very difficult to surpassed with Óscar Chamber “Mixwelll” Cañellas that took out the early operator to deny access to the Singapore team, The first part was for EMEA with a 9-3 before rotating the sides, after soothing the situation and changing the chip of Jason “F0rsaken” Susanto so that it began to be the executioner of the Europeans with his Jett who changed tremendously as played Paper Rex , getting around The situation and achieving a 13-10 that gave them the map.

Going to the second map selected by European samurais, a well-known Bind in the region to look up to tie the series after the previous map that weighed at G2, things were couples until the guys of Singapore Began to wear bullets in the head getting a 8-4 led by f0rsaken , managing a very good attacker for Paper Rex, The second look seemed like G2 Beginning to react but again the legendary Yoru made of yours destroying the attack attempts made by Europeans generating little common moves and getting the 13-7 ** in the marker that gave them the pass to the next round.

This is defined the semifinalists of the tournament, now taking a break from a few days at the VCT Masters, the items will be resumed on Friday, April 22, with large items ahead where we will see Optic Gaming vs Loud and A Zeta Division vs Paper Rex, Without a doubt, the first Tournament of the Year in Valorant has given many surprises and many expectations.