Elden Ring: Streamer defeat the hardest boss of the game Solo with a dance mat

The from software games and leg-hard challenges go hand in hand. But if regular boss fights no longer provide the desired kick, some players grab deep into the trick box to make it particularly hard to do: whether as a pacifist, without damaging, or only using their own butt. At Challenge Runs the imagination are barely limited.

And if in the game all possibilities are exhausted, the conditions are made more difficult and used as the most inappropriate controller as possible. Compared to the Ring Fit Controller, an electric guitar or banana, the good old dance mat is almost harmless. Nonetheless, only the few elden ring players can claim to have defeated the heaviest boss of the game, Malenia, with the feet.

What makes Malenia so hard?

Because with a regular controller, the lady with the scarlet show is anything but a light dance partner: Malenia is extremely fast, caused because of its placement in the endgame massive damage and heals with every hit , which you Cover you – even if you block. In addition, it is equipped with the most dangerous attack of the entire game, the water bird dance .

The Combo consists of dozens of swordshifts in three waves, which can be difficult to avoid even by dodging or walking. Meanwhile, however, several videos of players appeared on the net, which Malenia Solo could defeat with a dance mat .

Boss fight with full body use

The acquaintances of the two clips comes from streamer Luality , on whose channel already soul-level 1 and dance mat runs can be found various from software games. The dance-off with Malenia has tasted it according to video writing whole four hours . Despite their visual exhaustion, she manages to kill the boss with the war as a bloody Metzler of Katana’s bloody streams. The notorious water bird dance can even interrupt your weapon thanks to the powerful bleeding damage of your weapon:

Also Streamer Ugoroszczak , the Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) already played with the dance mat, leaves on a bleeding weapon to stop the column goddess. However, he uses the bloodhound zipper and mainly uses normal attacks:

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From Stefan Wilhelm
13.04.2022 at 14:59