League of legends

LOL: OLAF REWORK by Riot that will cause Ragnarok in your Soloq games

In League of Legends, many changes that can determine the game are much more before at pBE to see if such modifications are very good or bad. This time it is Olaf’s turn , one of those champions that, despite seeming a good champion of first, has been quite behind in the current metajame. That is why Riot has decided almost completely to the champion in an average revision of the terror of the fjords, making it much more powerful and giving him a push his * _ winrate_ and appearances both in the competitive and in Soloq. *

OLAF REWORK IS NOW ABSOLUTELY BROKEN! Perma Ragnarok and Shield (Enemy Quits League of Legends)
According to he wanted to inform Riot himself since his REDDIT, the objectives of this update are to add significant emotion to their kit and eliminate a little power oriented to professionals. This update should help you use the fighter elements effectively to scale better than before, which should also make it more resistant to future changes in the systems and objects that the developer has prepared. For lanes, the goal is preserve your skill in the jungle (while we make it more accessible) while significantly increases its viability in the upper lane.

Basic statistics

  • Attack damage: 68 (+3.5 per level), 127.5 at Level 18 >>> 68 (+4.7 per level), 148 at Level 18
  • Health: 575 (+100 per level), 2275 at Level 18 >>> 575 (+105 per level), 2360 at Level 18
  • Mana: 316 (+42 per level), 1030 at Level 18 >>> 316 (+60 per level), 1336 at Level 18