Fortnite gets the Crossover of the Northman movie

Fortnite now has a level inspired by Robert Eggers’s next film, the northern. The new Viking film has a cat full of stars headed by Alexander Skarsgård and is undoubtedly a unique addition to fortnite. The film seems to be very oriented to adults with great violence and a dark story about murder and revenge. It also comes from a manager known to create very prestigious art and essay films such as Bruja_ and The Faro But The Northern seems to be a work of theater for a much larger majority audience given its great Epopeya Viking.

A new fortnite Personalized game known as venganza has been created by the Loaded Games company in association with The Northern Features of the distributor’s approach. The role play is inspired by The northern and presents more than 20 hours of epic battles, missions and exploration (through skipping on the screen). A brief trailer shows the epic and expansive nature of The northern-game inspired and shows the protagonist fighting against several creatures and warriors. Focus Features specifically pointed out that this is not an official link with Epic Games, since the developer has presented masks and events previously to link with films such as Spider-Man: without a path to Casa __ and duna. However, it is a great creation and demonstrates how fortnite is being used as a marketing tool for other products. Players can jump to venganza with the following Isla Code: 6089-1011-3272.

Although many associate fortnite as a real battle game, there are a lot of personalized maps and types of games that allow players to do more than just fight to be the last team standing. Last year, M. Night Shyamalan’s Antiguo also obtained a map inspired by his mysterious beach that makes visitors grow quickly. See so much effort made to create a playable promotional experience, not to mention something that is similar to the duration of an important launch, is incredibly impressive. If these links are successful, it would not be surprising to see that more cinematographic studies adopt this marketing approach.

The Norteño premieres in the cinemas on April 22, 2022 and is being praised by criticism. You can read the comicbook review of the movie here.

THE NORTHMAN - Official Trailer - Only In Theaters April 22
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