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We have played The Elder Scrolls Online

The battle for holding a piece of the cake in the genre of the MMORPG is raised and, the glory is distributing by seasons. The Wow throne seemed incontestable, but games like Final Fantasy XIV or The Elder Scrolls Online have gone hard for several moments. An order is precisely what is going to launch the bethesda game with High Isles, the new expansion with which they intend to continue falling in love with the faithful, and conquer new players who want to unite exploring their vast sites, set in one of the Sagas more powerful of the genre.

Obviously, High Isles has a special attraction for Spanish-speaking players, since their arrival will mean that, Finally, we have texts in Spanish in Teso Online . Something that has been claiming the community for a long time and that will surely make that those less showers in the Shakespeare language, do not have any repairs to enjoy the multitude of options that offer both the game, and the High Isles expansion that Already We have been able to try on MGG .

Before getting into Faena, we were able to go to a presentation with the team responsible for Teso Online, who told us some of the High Isles keys, and their intentions for the future. They expressed the intentions to launch a great chapter each year, performing quarterly updates to always maintain the interest of the players.

For this, in addition to the huge mapping we had at our disposal, High Isles will come to expand it considerably. The island may look like not too big at a first look, but includes much more than what you can imagine , with caves and other surprises that we will find while we explore the area.

There will be two main islands in an expansion that has a lot of political cut, so if you are passionate about the stories “to the game of thrones,” you will dazzle you beyond spadmakes and spells with all kinds of creatures. High Isles is the place where millionaires and nobility come to “take a break” , which will give rise to all kinds of narratives that we will need hours and hours to explore. His managers told us that it goes more of political intrigues than to save the world.

The new Rumbo of The Elder Scrolls Online

The team claims to have had more freedom to make the story of the game, since the Bretons have less “Lore” than other races, and that provides more ease to build new threads by deriving all the new approach most focused on the Political career . It seems that there will be less magic and fantasy and more “realism” in this aspect, but with the always excitement so that players have an optimal experience during the 30th History hours, which offers High Isles.

Among the most outstanding news is the presence of two new companions: Ember and Isabelle . Each of them, as it could not be otherwise, will have its own characteristics. On the one hand, Ember is a magician that will do whatever it is to survive, regardless of the consequences or the ethical. For the part of it, Isabelle is a gentleman with enough concern about the right or wrong.

There will be more news, as a test based on the pirate world that will give shelter to 12 players, and who compare that took place in Rockgrove. There will also be another type of novelties, such as a new card game or activities with JCJ elements. And, of course, rewards for players who better scores obtain in PVP classifications at each of the functions.

I have never played teso, will I be very lost?

It is probably that you give this question. Overcome the language barrier, there is a game with a content that also expands with HIGH ISLE; That by the way, includes both the base game and all previous chapters . Obviously, to access the island you will need a minimum level – we were able to access with a higher level character, but you will have time to hook up and not want to let go of the El Esso Universe.

But from Bethesda insist on the message: _ “The new chapters are for everyone, not only for veterans”._ You can go anywhere from the beginning regardless of the level or alliances you have, e You can even go with friends, even if you have much less level than them. Surely that helps an even more satisfying experience and, why not, a ‘lane’ a few levels more easily. Even so, from now on and is the launch, they are looking for ways to satisfy new players.

In my case, I must recognize that I had not played deeply to Teso Online, but I have been able to stay a week by losing myself and having fun at the same time at High Isles . It is true that, in the first compasses I was a little lost, but it did not take long to feel that feeling of familiarity, also built from many hours in Skyrim.

At times, I preferred to lose myself only for your various scenarios, but I also noticed the warmth of the community and other players who were there, collaborating to fulfill missions.
I think that kindness is one of the keys of multiplayer universe of The Elder Scrolls ;
You can go lost, but nobody is going to tell you bad words.
Moreover, they will help you.

The Elder Scrolls Online глазами новичка в 2021 году | TESO
Now, it is only waiting until June to see how the public responds to the content, especially the Hispanic community that was reluctant to approach the game by the aforementioned language barrier.
Teso Online was already that legal drug that we like so much and with High Isles, as the Great Sabina would say, now we are left for the reasons.