Final Fantasy 14: Die Mythen Eorzeas Aglaia

With FF14 Patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure”, which appeared on April 12, 2022, Square Enix has brought the long-awaited first part of the new RAID series “Myths Eorzea”. In “Aglaia” you can expect four unique bosses that you may challenge together with 23 other players. So that you do not want to jump completely unprepared to the cold water, we have summarized the fighting in this guide for you and explains the most important elements. Even if you already know the RAID, a look can be worthwhile to better understand the function of one or the other ability. We wish you a lot of fun reading and good luck in this RAID!

The myths Eorzeas – How to turn the RAID free

To unlock the Myths Eroazeas, you must first play the new main scenario from Patch 6.1. As soon as the quest series is available for the RAID, this will be communicated to you. Then speak with the member of the scholars in Alt-Sharlayan (X9.1 Y11.5) and accept the task “A case for the scholars”. For the RAID, your requires at least one item level of 565 .


In The Balance UNOFFICIAL FULL lyrics (Final Fantasy XIV Aglaia Nald'thal Raid Boss)
The God of Crafts is your first challenge in this RAID. Even if it is still right at _ Byregot _ , you should keep his skills well in mind. The first BOSS Byregot is not too difficult yet – yet you should be careful. Source: myths Eorzeas

Byreg – skills and tactics

In addition to the normal tankbusters and Raid widths attacks, the boss will apply with Byregots beat a recoil . Stay close to the blue circle and avoids to be thrown in the Arenarand. Later, a cross-shaped attack is added so that you should pay close attention to which direction you will throw. Alternatively, you can also stay close to the Arenarand and activate your recoil protection.

Byreg is regularly subdivided the arena into individual square tines at which hammers appear. These move the squares each around a field. In addition, the linear surface attacks are also offset. Take care here that you do not lose the ground under your feet and where the surface attacks are moved. The hammers on the edge move the rows each around a field. Source: myths Eorzeas Division of the self Lets several images of Byregot appear on Arenarand, which can be migrated to land attacks over the fighting field. Some of the images light up, which means that their attacks hike much faster. Clean the opposite edge in a line to the images that do not light up. Subsequently, the train changes as soon as the fast attacks have moved past you. Here is the trick picture that does not light up. Source: myths Eorzeas


At _ RHALGR _ is already much more complicated. It is unusual here that you are fighting here on the hand of his own statue and to use this unusually shaped arena to escape his attacks. The fight against Rhalgr takes place on the hand of the iconic statue. Source: myths Eorzeas

Rhalgr – skills and tactics

Extension of the destroyer makes two rings appear on the arenarand. Subsequently, Rhalgr will perform a large-area stroke through one of the rings, which goes over the entire field. Which half this is, you recognize on the one hand on the direction in which he leans, but also on the shimmering line between him and the corresponding ring. Based on the line (here blue) you recognize which portal is active. Source: myths Eorzeas Comet The destruction causes a meteor that gives more damage the closer you are at the place of impact. Run up to your fingers to avoid the damage. However, this only works at the beginning. Later, the meteor is combined with extermination of the destroyer , which causes her spontaneously to react to this attack. If the comet is at the same time the red portal active, the comet is destroyed and distributed over the entire fighting field. Here is the only safe point where the comet would be taken first. If the blue portal is active, you have to keep away from the comet as usual and at the same time from the side with the blue portal. Make sure you have to distribute you directly after the comet, not to get too much area damage. If the comet is active simultaneously with the red portal, you have to go to the footstep. Source: myths Eorzeas Falling Star is a recovery ability that goes out of a circle in the middle. Here you have to let you throw you so that you bums against your hands, not to fall down. The green lines help you find the right trajectory. In the later course of the struggle there are area attacks on four of the fingers, so you have to skid for the right finger to no harm.

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