How to get a don-companion in no mans sky

Sentinels update in No Man’s Sky added a bunch of steep new products, but only a few of them can be cooler than its own drone companion Sentinel. The new update brought a lot of additions, such as HardFrame combat robots, new multifunctional tools, as well as expanding knowledge and history. Now players can reprogram the enemy drone guard so that it become their own friendly companion in battles and research.

To get Drone Companion, players first need to activate Metal Trail Mission. New players will first need to create an existing settlement. Having reached the settlement, take the position of the caretaker and complete the construction of the caretaker’s office. Interact with the terminal of the settlement administration inside the building and perform the necessary construction missions.

As soon as it is completed, jump into your starship and complete five warp engines. Then you will receive an emergency satellite communications from the NPC in your settlement that informs you that the guards attack the database. This will cause the mission “Metal Trail”.

Return to your settlement to see how it is captured by attacking guards. Win them all and run back to the terminal of the settlement administration and interact with the iteration of Tetis, which will instruct you to collect fallen clock capsules. One of these capsules will contain an intact drone housing. If you are lucky, you can also get a Sentinel Hardframe Engine, which is useful for the last part of this mission. Having gathered them, fly back to space and call an anomaly.

Inside anomaly, interact with Tetis. They will tell you that you need to assemble the details in the three other NPCs on board anomalies to fix drone guard. Talk to Iteration Mercury to get a portal phylactery. Next, talk to the iteration of Ariadna, who will not give you anything. Then talk to the Iteration Mercury to get a nanite thread.

Next, talk to Gseprome, who will advise you to talk to a polo specialist. Polo will give you beads. Once all components are received, come to the Tetis and pass them. In return, they will give you Sentinel Flare. Now go back to the surface of any planet and activate the signal rocket to encourage the drone-guard.

How To Get The Drone Companion And Fully Upgraded Sentinel Mech! No Man's Sky Sentinel Update

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