Horror Search ADV “IB” Remake Version STeam started delivery. A story of a girl who got lost in a strange museum

Our Active Gaming Media Indie Gaming PLAYISM started distributing “ ib remake version on April 11. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), the price is tax-included 1300 yen. In the remake version, the screen resolution improvement and the addition of new dungeons are performed.

“IB” is a search type horror adventure game that the girl gets lost to the strange museum. The girl who is the main character of this work was visiting her art museum with her parents. She has a “Gernena Exhibition” on the on-site on the on-site, and she looks at a number of mysterious art articles. However, she was a matter of course and Ive was al1. Her parents don’t see the appearance of other visitors who should be in the hall. She draws the story of a girl who got lost in a funny museum.

She is a strange exhibit and a device in an art museum where Yves got lost. The player goes forward to the end of her surroundings, such as solving puzzles and gimms that block her going hand, and find items. Also in a funny museum, a male gary who reads the character that Ive can not read instead of a girl and a girl’s friend girl Mary appeared. Multi-ending has been adopted, and her behavior chosen in her strange art museum changes the end of the characters including Eve.

The original version of “IB” produced domestic developer Kouri and is a work published as a free game in 2012. In the remake version, new elements have been implemented and strengthening of production. The screen resolution is larger than the original, and almost all graphics are new. The zoom function and the addition of new art articles are also performed, and the world of “IB” can be explored on a largely beautiful screen. Some BGM has also been changed, and it is said that the original music written for the remake version “IB” is also included.

As a new element, art collection and new dungeons etc. are added for after clearing. In the conversation system, in addition to chat with the accompanying characters, it is said that gimmic tips will be obtained. According to a press release, the concept of “even people who are not good at games” is the first player, and players who play for the first time are also a change and coordination that you can enjoy the player who has already played the free version.

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In commemoration of the release of this work, a present campaign is implemented in Twitter. Follow the official account of Playism, and a 5-sized framed illustration is presented by lottery from the lotted tweets. The application period is up to 23:59 on April 18.

“IB” remake version is delivered for tax-included 1300 yen for PC (STeam). At the time of the article writing, it corresponds to Japanese, and other languages are planned to be added as needed. In addition, the original version of “IB” is currently being released as a free game.