Food prices rise: App shows cheapest products at Aldi and Lidl

By inflation and Ukraine war, prices rise in the supermarkets. An app can help consumers to filter the cheapest articles.

Dortmund – in Germany not only the fuel prices, but also those of the food. An app that compares prices, but many people know only to refuel. Now there are the same procedures for discounters * and supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Edeka, White food *.

Prices for food climb: This app shows cheapest products at Aldi, Lidl and Edeka

The app to compare prices for the customers is called “smhaggle”. The name of the app should be composed of the two words “smart” and “haggle”, and means so much like cleveres in German. According to the website, consumers should save average 30 percent in food purchases (more news about digital topics * at food).

At the rising prices of the food * could be worthwhile. According to, the per household should be averaging 1,200 euros a year. In addition, customers can save the app through the app through the advertising brochures. Instead of selecting the bargains themselves, this should take over “smhaggle”.

Rising prices for food: So the app displays the cheapest products

LIDL vs ALDI Shopping Challenge PRICE COMPARISON! Which is the CHEAPEST?
After installing the app, users can create a shopping list. Through a so-called radius search, consumers should see exactly where the products are the cheapest in this environment. In addition, the app should give a favorite feature that informs about the price development of the most important products.

As soon as a purchase is completed, users can photograph the preserved receipt and share the information in the app with other users. Because only by feedback valid prices are displayed in the app. For the reward, there is a 5 cent credit for every uploaded supermarket bon, 10 cents for checkout of drugstores and 30 cents for bons from the hardware store.

Food prices rise: These disadvantages are available when using the app

If you want to use the app, the data protection should not be too important. Because all purchasing data that users specify will be shared with the provider of the app. Together with personal data, a purchasing profile is created.

The provider can see through the use of the software, which product when and where the price was purchased. Consumers therefore have to weigh what is more important to them: privacy, or good deals, targeted product search and browsing in different categories. * food is part of the editorial network

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