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Elden Ring: Passing the game with your feet is possible and this Spanish streamer is getting it

Elden Ring is still falling in love everyone who plays him thanks to his huge world and great accessibility if we compare them with other Souls saga games. Many have been the ones who have entered Miyazaki Games through this title and who have enjoyed after other From Software games such as Dark Souls, Sekiro or Bloodborne. But this time we will not talk about how good it It is the game because that is something we all know, but of another very important part in these titles: the players.

Throughout these months you have been able to see teachers’ players on the part of very experienced players as the case of sushilegend or even spend the game without receiving a single hit as a bush. But this time we are going to go a step further: Pass all the game with just a Dance Pad , the mythical directional carpet for dance games.

This is the case of elvira (@elvirayuki), an streamer Andalusian of only 19 years who has surprised everyone once again passing Elden Ring with this unusual instrument. But this is not new, the content creator already Other games of the franchise in the same way and leaving us the same face of stupefaction that we have been watching her playing the Elden Ring.

from dancing to non-hit

Craziest Elden Ring RAGES So Far

Elvira began as another person to make direct Entwitch playing different games, including the titles of Software from which she finished falling in love. She both liked that she decided unexpectedly to spend all the studio games with the Dance Pad, starting as not with the first delivery of Dark Souls. It was little by little as she began to be well known among the players of the Spanish-speaking souls and being highly dear among the entire community.

But it was not the only challenge that she wanted to do; She wanted to get the no-hit from one of her favorite games: Bloodborne . The Hunter’s dream was one of the titles that she loved him and there was no other way to leave a mark on him who performing a no-hit. This is how Chusa invited you for Laralay Race this year, leaving us one of the best moments of all night: beat the Vicaria Amelia without receiving a single blow and controlling it by the Dance Pad.

The new challenge: Elden Ring

On April 1, one of the most ambitious series of her canal would begin: Pass Elden Ring with Dance Pad from start to finish. This is how throughout all these days it has been possible to see several clips by twitter of the streamer gaditana ending up with several BOSses of the Magna Work of Miyazaki to Pure Steps of Dances. First it was Margit , who ended with the third attempt, then Godrick to the first, later Rennala (which has been the one who has cost him the most) and now he had to face the real beast: Radahn.

The scourge of the stars is a tremendously annoying boss but who has fully in love with everyone who has played it thanks to the entire atmosphere that envelops it. But Elvira wanted to go a step further and wanted to get rid of the boss alone through dance steps. It was there when we saw one of the clips that has surprised us this year , since finishing a gigantic monster you alone and controlling the character with a dancing carpet is something that is not within reach of many.

This is how Elvira finished with the boss, but he still has a fairly long trip through the intermediate lands that we will surely be proud of his feat, since in addition to belonging to the Spanish-speaking community, he leaves these players who intend to give lessons about What is to be “Gamer” and what is not. Praise be the Sun and the Dance Pad of Elvira for giving us so much show this April.