What is the test “What Witch” in Destiny 2?

During a weekly reset in Destiny 2, the kicking renews its inventory and offers guards and their combat groups a unique raid test. Raid in Destiny is climax, full of complex meetings, mechanics and puzzles that need to be solved. Raid tests are usually added a highlight to a single collision and rewarded by a triumph and some legendary equipment.

The test “What Witch” is a reward that acts within seven days after receipt. This refers to a collision with Shuro Chi in the raid “Last desire” of the city of Grez. The goal is to complete the collision, not being affected by something.

How to go through the test “What Witch” in Destiny 2

Patience and concentration are the key to solving this task. Of course, players will want to learn about the collision with Shuro Chi before trying to use this option. Also, make sure that one of the players is assigned to a collector of Oka Riven to avoid confusion during the battle.

Guardians will want to stay in motion to avoid Eviscerating Hex. If for any reason they need to measure, do it by placing the object among themselves and then so that he will take a blow instead. Usually she informs his attacks cry or screech. This is the guard signal to confirm the Creek of the Combat Group and check their movement and any affordable protection.

After killing several waves of addunds, Shuro uses the “acceleration of the pace”. This is when the combat group need to rush and grab the prisoner weapon. While the combat group captures the prism weapon, the eye collector drops Shuro Shuro, allowing the rest to damage.

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This process will be repeated several times. Again, patience, concentration and communication are crucial. Do not greading during the damage phase, report incoming attacks and stay in motion. If you are determined and a little good luck, this call will be knocked out.

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