FC Bayern threatens hanging portion around Lewandowski

On the lawn, FC Bayern has done its homework mostly sovereign in recent weeks. Capture demand is available at the Tüncherne, on the other hand, away from the square. There, there are difficult decisions in the coming days and weeks – among other things, the future of Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry.

The contracting poker between Bayern and Robert Lewandowski is far from the same time as a player of this class should actually be. The Munich people are still not set to a table with the Poland and his advisor to negotiate a renewal of the 2023 contract – and that is not good at the superstar.

As the “Gnabry Image” reports, Lewandowski consultant Pini Zahavi praise the financial possibilities of clubs, which could commit the world footballer in summer. Namely, the sheet calls the FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. Both clubs are to think about a commitment of Poland, also Lewandowski himself seems to consider these options.

In addition, according to “Gnabry Image” also the topic of Erling Haaland in Lewandowski’s considerations plays a role. The fact that the Superstar of the BVB in the Munich Chief Days is still traded, the world footballer was very registered, writes the sheet. All that could ultimately lead to a hanging portion with an open exit, it says.

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Gnabry at FC Bayern under observation

Meanwhile, the fronts are clearly clearer in the poker around the future of Serge Gnabry. The national player would like to extend his contract, but requires a salary increase. But this does not want to give him the club yet.

According to “Gnabrys picture”, Gnabry’s power fluctuations make the bosses hesitate. For this reason, the “important games” now looked exactly on the performances of the 26-year-old.

After all, further discussions between the parties are already scheduled, should rise within the next two weeks. In contrast to Lewandowski, in the case of Gnabry, it runs out on a quick solution.