New Record: Youtuber buys Pokemon card for 5 million US

The Youtuber and Pokémon Fan Logan Paul bought a special Pokémon card in Dubai for more than $ 5 million. The extremely rare card is the so-called “Pokémon Illustrator” card.

The most expensive Pokémon map in the world

Pokémon cards are still in the hype and collectors from all over the world oversept each other in the search for the rarest specimens . However, previous record sums in consideration of the fact that YouTube-Star Logan Paul has paid for his latest card fabulous 5.3 million US dollars . This corresponds to about 4.8 million euros.

In a matching Tiktok video Paul presents its latest sweetheart proudly:

Logan Paul Breaks World Record With A $5.2 Million Dollar Pokemon Card

Why is the Pokémon Illustrator so rare?

The so-called “Pokémon Illustrator” card is no normal card , which can pull fans with a little luck from a booster pack. This special card could win Japanese fans only in the context of a character competition . Therefore, the motif also corresponds to a Pikachu, which acts as a draftsman.

The map of Logan Paul is also a “PSA 10” version . The card is thus in perfect condition, which makes it unique. Although there are more “Pokémon Illustrator” cards, the exact number is not clearly secured, but there is none in a prime rose state.

Thus, Logan Paul is most likely the rarest and most expensive Pokémon map of the world . Whether this record is ever broken is currently questionable.

If you want to know more about the “Pokémon Illustrator” card and its history, the Youtuber mythosofgaming has dedicated a video a whole video: