FC Bayern: How to go to Freiburg Protest now

FC Bayern must be about the three points of the 4: 1 victory in the Football Bundesliga at the SC Freiburg. How is the changeover error of the record champion now continue? Who decides? What threatens Bayern in the worst case? And when is a decision to expect?

The Breisgauer had appealed against the rating of the game because the German record champion in the game on Saturday temporarily twelve players had on the court. The case is now in the competence of the DFB Federals court of the German Football Confederation.

The most important questions and answers at a glance:

  • What is the DFB DFB Federals court?

The DFB DFB Federals Court is the first DFB Federals law instance of the association. It is responsible for violations of associations, players, coaches, officials and refers to legislation of the DFB and the DFL in connection with federal games.

In addition, there are other responsibilities, such as for objections to the play rating of federal games or for financial disputes on the occasion of the implementation of federal gambling, it is called on the homepage of the DFB.

  • Who decides on the objection of the SC Freiburg?

Bayerns Wechselfehler: Freiburg legt Protest ein

Chairman of the DFB DFB Federals court is Stephan Oberholz. The Leipziger was named on the DFB Bundestag in the last month to the successor of Hans E. Lorenz.

Oberholz also chaired the procedure because of the clearance of the game of VfL Bochum against Borussia Mönchengladbach, after the referee assistant Christian Gittelmann was violated by a mug.

In addition to Oberholz, another 35 members include the DFB Federals court.

  • What’s next?

The competent DFB DFB Federals Court will now first obtain opinions from the procedural participants. According to the existence and evaluation of the opinions, the body will decide on the further progress of the procedure. Over the period, the association made no information.

The procedure can be negotiated both in writing and orally.

  • What other instances are there?

Within a week after the announcement of the judgment, there is the possibility of appeal. This would then be negotiated before the Federal Supreme Court. His verdict is final in the association. Chairman of the DFB Federal Court has been Achim Späth since 2013.