Who is “Hippie”? Freedom of libers follow the influence given to “DEATHLOOP”, “FARCRY 4” and “MOTHER2”

While doing a game with a liberty with a long-haired loan hair, who is doing dragging while saying “Love & Peace”, why not play a game? Kazu Games, regardless of the Western game, the game can be seen by a variety of real culture. Lifestyle “Hippie” focused on the 60’s is one of them.

Throughout the game, movies, novels, hippies have been drawn with images such as “Rock”, “Piece”, “Free Live Mass” . It is also a lot of people who have an impression such as a person who is not familiar with society with the varying person. In fact, it is a result of the fact that it is about that is right…… It was the result of transformation in the 1950-1960s and about 60 years. Initially, known as a fetlow movement, a book that comes with a hippy culture is banned or a waving aspect, such as a bizarre murder case. Various backgrounds, hippies were also pronouns of “anti-social” .

Recently “DeathLoop” hippie depiction has given a strong impact on many gamers. A leader who created a commune on a solitary island, and the people who came to it stand in front of the main character. They are against the ideal, but antisocial. If you find the protagonist, you will attack your emotions.

In this article, I would like to explain its history about such a hippie movement, and the writers of the “Beat Generation” generation that made it. This culture that has had a major impact on the crisis fly America. When hippies come out to the game, I hope I will remember.

◆ “Hippie” commune seen in “DEATHLOOP”

“Eternalist” in “DEATHLOOP” was an ordinary human. A group that seems to be unlikely that it is unlikely that it is not a well-known, unlivificious, but a lot of loss of nori, rather than a trained soldier, not an outdoor livelihood or a dissatisfaction with an executive. A 60’s atmosphere is also a hippie sense of advanced.

There are many elements that Hippie, such as art, music, and drags, etc., such as art, music, and drags, have many elements in common. Hippie’s commune (community) is quite close. As a game, the unusual is the point of “Internal conflict of communs that runaway”.

In reality, Hippie Commune runs out to run away and removed from society, but it has been noticeable as a game, especially not to be depicted from the inside.

In a real society, the most famous thing as the miserable incident that Hippie has caused is “Sharon Tate killing case”. The actress called Sharon Tate was killed and killed by the commune raid called Manson Family. In recent years, it is a case where the spotlighted in the movie “Wons, A Time In Hollywood” of Quentin Tarantino.

This is, of course, “Hippie is a hippie“, “Hippie is a hippie”, but “Easy to form an isolated community” and “with antisocial thought” The nature would have been connected as a reason.

I took up too much incident, but if I think that Hippie had an antisocial aspect, it makes it easy to understand why “Eternarist” at “DEATHLOOP” was gathered.

First of all, three writers were demonstrating a big leadership in the beat generation, “William Barous” “Allen Ginsburg” “Jack Kellac” . The word “Hipster” appeared in the poem announced by Guinzburg, and “Hipster” appeared, which has become a prototype of the word “hippie”. It will be a content that turns on the “American breath” that was widespread at that time.

From there, it has a beat generation that has been linked to the idea of unique communication by music, drag-free sex, and denying a rich American with a language. While making a commune that emphasizes changes in the inner surface, it is “anti-social” because it denies the United States by not participating in social activities.

The commune that has made so far is in a kind of sealed state. As a result, the cartrus leader is born and the runaway momentum is raised. It may be a cortr of the main character in “DeathLoop”, but it may be a cortr of the main character, but it is a runaway group if you look out of the eternalists relative to that protagonist. There is a difference in the change of the lord rather than the change of the inner surface, but it can be said that it is really hippy.

# ◆ “Forkry 4” Yohai and Registry, and Exploration to the Mental World

In the work of “Farcyri 4”, “Backpacker” “Cigar” The character of Yohao and Regie, which you like. They are named backpacker, but they are not limited to the hippie. Do not trip in cigar….

Kiirat, which is the stage of this work, is a fictional state near Siberia. There is also a travel ticket for India departure from the game where you go to Kirat during the game. In the story, it is different from Yoise and Regie’s “Cigar”, but there are many deployments that look at internal humanity. Ajay traveled to a tiger and traveled a world like trip.

The real hippies traveled all over the world for the “partially looking at the spirit of the god”. The Beat Nik’s flag handed alone, Kerak, “ Hippie (The Dalma Bams) ” is left. One of the reasons why “Orientalism mysterious” is told overseas.

Anyway, the hippie’s holy place, which has been completed, has a place called Kathmandu in India and Nepal. They asked for such oriental mystery on a journey called “Hippi Torail”. (Drags, etc. Strongly denied) Such a search to such an inner world became a positive aspect of the continuing hippy culture.

Now I’m not defining a rumor, but I’m an author’s teacher, but now I’m an elderly artist editor, Iwate, and abroad due to Beatnik, “Kids born in the end of irresponsible free sex” Do you have? If it is certain, this will be one of the problems that Beatnik has created.

Of course, “Forkry 4” is not a Hip-te-ray story that Aegay is a Hip-te-rail that has a leading source, centering on Pagan Min or his mother’s hind. Kiirat is not a paradise other than Pagan Min. “Far Cherry 5” has a lot of hippy, but since it is a fight against emerging religion, it is a bit different from Hippie. “FACRY PRIMAL” was further backed back to the mystery of primordial.

◆ Hippie Impact in Japanese Games

● Appeared to “MOTHER2”, “Culture” as a “Culture”

In Japanese games “Maimana Nera” appeared at “MOTHER2” . How hippie is doing a hippie appearance, and in the English version “New Age Retro Hippie” was firmly called “Hippie”. By the way, “New Age” means one aspect of the hippie movement. Do you understand the words that point to “Spiritual feeling activity” that occurred while being affected by hippies? It is strange that “New Age Retro Hippie” is an old age when Hippie has already become old.

In Japan, Beatnik will have a cultural impact such as fashion music from antisocial aspects. It may not be the nature of force to other people than the student movement that was happening at the same time. For these reasons, in Japan, the presence of “Kimamana Nerai” was received, and it was received by mild than the home America. There is also a view of the “Futen” familiar with “Haze”.

As a cultural impact on Japan, the emergence of “Hippi” was mentioned, and it seems to have lived in Shinjuku. However, as the prices soar, the number was decreasing. In Japan, Baight Nik has joined “Counter Culture” and is still inherited, and there are also old book stores that handle only counter culture.

In Osaka, etc., it is famous that the novelist “Nakajima also” etc. is hippy, but he declared his hippie but “Futen” instead of hippie. He spoke in the sense that he had no idea of antisociality, as he had a tallness in Baytonik.

● Drag “LSD” called “Instant Zen” and “LSD” for gamers

“Drag as a culture”… I do not want to admit the words as a writer, but I was definitely such a culture for Beatnik. However, Bars, who is one of the writers mentioned earlier, is a phrase “drag to be lost” at the time he was in a bridge.

Among them, what was famous as a hippie drag in the past is “LSD”. It was called “ Instant Zen “. However, the word “LSD” may no longer be more familiar with gamers.

Currently, it became quite mild and daddy… Rather than ** “Now the old culture”. However, I was also a fierce exercise that wish for social change.

In this article, we intentionally picked up the negative side of “Hippie”. It is easy to call hippie as a “peaceful person and peaceful person”. However, I feel that I was forgotten with the darkness that I had in the darkness I had in the darkness as a Baight nick. After accumulating the cracking, the legend of the lock “Woodstock Festival” is enthusiastic, and it continues to influence the culture even in modern times.

“DeathLoop” has been keenly taken up with its success, and “FAC Real 4” also hides that premise. Wide picking up to “Hippie-like setting” will see that SF’s electronic drug, little liberated mob characters, and those who handle rocks, and that they are really appearing in the game in various ways. Especially in works that are subject to old locks and club music in a period, it may not be removed. If there is an opportunity to touch the Hippy character, what if you remember the impact on the world beyond good and bad?