Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt wants to victory against FC Barcelona

A 0-0 against Bundesliga tutiled Greuther Fürth is not allowed to impress the FC Barcelona. However, head coach Oliver Glasner did not stop it to highlight the self-confidence of Eintracht Frankfurt in front of the Europa League holidays against Spain’s giants.

With a zero number against Barça, he might be satisfied after the final whistle, but certainly not like Glasner stressed. “I never go to a game and say, with a draw I am satisfied. We will also play victory against the big FC Barcelona.”

Before the next scheduled magical European Night on Thursday (21:00 clock), the conciliation is between League Tristesse and international dreams.

The draw against the deferred last of Franconia was such a given opportunity that a title win in the Europa League soon could be the bigger opportunity to play internationally again in the coming season – assuming you are surviving the huge hurdle barça.

“Complete other game” against FC Barcelona

The setback from Saturday should not play any more, neither in the head nor playful. “It is a completely different game today than on Thursday, because Fürth is quite different than Barcelona,” team captain Sebastian Rode stated.

So it also sees the Austrian Glasner, who could repeat the success of his predecessor Adi Hütter from 2019 with a progress. “I think we will not have 70 percent possession there,” said Glasner over the two duels on the 7th and 14th of April.

President Peter Fischer called the encounters shortly after the draw “The biggest games since the final 1960 against Real Madrid”. In the case of responsible, players and fans, there is a great departure mood, not least because of the fully utilization of the stadium on the city forest allowed after two years. “That’s very, very nice. We have two home games this week and hope that then the hut is full again,” said Glasner.

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Remis for Eintracht Frankfurt “Not enough”

Against Barcelona she will definitely be. Recently, tickets were offered on the internet for 600 or 1200 euros, some methods were dubious and three.

The Eintracht expects an onslaught – and although the guests from Catalonia are far from their best times and have no absolute world stars like Lionel Messi or Xavi more in their ensemble. Just the name “FC Barcelona” exudes great gloss.

The compulsory exercise against Fürth was almost to the minor matter, which is immediately due to the goatless Remis despite significant superiority.

In the final spurt of the Bundesliga, these two lost points can still achieve pain. “We absolutely wanted to win. Just against the bottom of the table you have to win. We are already very disappointed,” said Rode.

Because potential rivals like Cologne, Freiburg and Hoffenheim lost, the Patzer hurts even more. “For our goal, the draw is then too little at the end,” said Leagues board Markus Krösche. In the season end spurt, with the exception of Gladbach, only against teams, which are located among the first ten seats.