Comeback as namesake


Kühne had first acquired the name in 2015 after various companies were naming in previous years. The return to the Volksparkstadion had been perceived as an act of romance at that time, the HSV also secured four million euros annually. After the descent, the billionaire and shareholders had renewed his commitment for one year, but in 2019, the contract had expired, Kühne had also known several times his frustration about sporting development despite its financial engagement.

Since then, HSV has not found a new namespace and now presents Kühn’s comeback that secures the retention of the traditional name. For desert field after the presentation of the new main sponsor “Hanse Merkur” a week ago the next success: “I am very happy and feeling that as a strong sign for our tradition and as a commitment to our turned away.”

Kühne himself expresses in a press declaration that his decision is associated with the 53-year-old medical entrepreneur who has risen to the board within a few months from the fan, Shareholder and Supervisory Board to the Executive Board. “With Dr. Wüstefeld a man took over the leadership of HSV Football AG, who goes to works with as much prudence and tape.” Kühne is convinced: “This opens up completely new perspectives of our HSV. The finances have to vote, and I am glad if I can make a meaningful contribution.”

Connected to the signals that work out in the first three months of desert fields, the entrepreneur also hopes for a sporting boost, as far as possible for the final season: “The momentum in management should also give the team more tonic and quality.”