SV Darmstadt 98: Lilies Search Helper after winter

In Germany, the least had expected in Germany, but with April, the snow has returned, in some parts of Germany in the centimeter high.
So also in Hesse, where climb aspirant Darmstadt 98 from 13.30 clock Holstein Kiel receives.

HSN | Deck the Halls featuring Winter Lane Decor 11.02.2016 - 08 AM

“Good snow slippers at best”

So that a game in the stadium on the Böllenfalltor is but at all possible, first the lawn must be freed from the snowmasses.
For this, the lilies offered via Twitter their followers, helping to free the place of the snowmakes.
“We are looking for helpers who can help free our bulls from the snow. Just come by and at best, bring their own snow slippers,” says the please of the Hesse.
At a victory against Kiel Today, the team of Torsten Lieberknecht could take over the spreadsheet for a few hours, before then on the evening of FC St. Pauli in Rostock is a guest (20.30 clock).