Krefeld and the descent: DEL threatens a summer theater again

The DEL threatens again a summer theater. The athletic descent of the del founding member Krefeld Penguine gets a legal aftermath. The fact that the two-time masters after 31 years of first class is actually as a table in the last 2, who has been financially and sporty Kev not accepted for years. Managing Director Sergej Saveljev reaffirmed on Thursday that the club will call the del arbitration court. “We have lawyers working on it. We need really strong arguments,” said SavelJev at a press conference.

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After the 1: 6 swatter on the eve of the Eagle Mannheim and the sporty descent, SavelJev had called “competitive distortion” as a result of the Corona pandemic as a reason for the sports juristic steps. “This is the most unsportsiest descent in the history of the DEL,” had scolded the self-confident 25-year-old club chief.

First relegated since Kassel

Many relegated from the del did not exist since its founding in 1994. According to the American model, the Bundesliga successor is almost all of the time a closed system, as long as a club did not return to financial reasons or had to insolvency – this prevented the penguins even two years ago with difficulty and distress. The previously last sporty relegation were the Kassel Huskies, but that’s been 16 years ago.

The fact that it was calculated in this season, in which several encounters could be credited coronabed and only incomplete, first to give a relegated relegation again, the Krefelde can not understand. “This season has never been allowed to give a relegated,” Krefeld’s co-trainer Boris Blank was on Wednesday at “Magenta sport”. “This season was what Corona concerns worse than last season.” Already there would have been the reintroduction of the descent, but was tilted again – coronabeding.

Descent 26 hours after home win

Krefeld does not want to stand as a bad loser. They point out that they will have played all 56 prospective parts at the end and demonstrated catch-up games at unfavorable times with a very small squad – other teams but not. Only 24 hours before the heavy catch on the title range Mannheim, the penguins had been made in a further catch-up game to a 3: 2 after extension against the competitor Schwenningen. “Today we were just tired, nothing left,” Blank said.

The competitors Schwenningen (55 lots) and Iserlohn (54) make less games until the end of the main round on Sunday and were sent in quarantined phases from their health permissions. “We had eight to ten players ill or injured. The players had to make three or four games in the week when they were healthy again. We could not compensate,” was blank.

Saveljev sees club prepares

Whether the desired course will succeed in front of the delegate court is uncertain. “I’m not a lawyer. I can not say what opportunities we have,” Saveljev admitted. But even in the view of the player union SVE, the arguments of the bottom of the table are not to be denied. “You have to look at, which team has played like many games and at what time these games have been took place or have taken place,” said SVE Managing Director Christopher Röder.

Nevertheless, the planning for the 2nd league had long begun. Saveljev sees the penguins regardless of the saying of the Arbitration Court prepared for the coming season. “Whatever happens, we will be prepared,” he announced.

“was absolutely embarrassing from us”

Nevertheless, many problems of the Krefelder are also homemade. For years, the master of 1952 and 2003 has been at the end of the table. Last year, the then Coach Clark Donatelli tinted to play the championship this season. The long-left Americans received Krefeld’s modest opportunities in the industry only a tired smile.

Just like SavelJev for his hectic squad composition with enormous player fluctuation. That the team was not good enough in the end, at least also some professionals know, “That was absolutely embarrassed by us and has reflected a bit all the season a bit,” Defender said Dominik Tiffels and apologized to “the fans and the city” : “As a player you do not want to be there with such a thing.”