Reebok: Just Dance Full Color Shoes, here are the 4 models

If the video game inspires a lot of cinema in recent years, it is also good for sape. For some time, big brands of clothing and video game publishers set partnerships for ad hoc collaborations. Celio with Pokémon, Uniqlo with Metal Gear Solid or Super Mario Bros, we do not have the official associations that please. Today, Ubisoft tells us the arrival of Reebok brand shoes with just dance colors, his game that makes the crowds dance. This is a time-limited collection obviously, and which is inspired by “My Way”, Reebok’s exclusive song available in Just Dance 2022. A song where you can see 4 coaches dressed in the Head with feet with clothes of the brand Reebok. So, it’s 4 models of adult shoes (and one for children) that have been realized, knowing that the state of mind of this style is fitness and casual lifestyle. Not surprisingly, we find a lot of colors on these godasses, to stick well to the DNA of Just Dance that never hesit themselves to mix the colors, even the most fluhes.

Here is the detail of these 4 models of Reebok shoes:

Low : Inspired by the colorful atmosphere of the game and its coaches, the Low X Just Dance question is black with multicolored eyelets. The logos of the two brands are embroidered in white on its flanks.

Nano X1 Adventure : Iconic fitness model, the Nano X1 Adventure X Just Dance is black and has reflective prints and laces: a key to day that reveals all its originality in the dark.

BOOMBAYAH [Extreme Version] - BLACKPINK - Just Dance 2022
Club C Revenge and Club C Junior : Simple and versatile, Club C X Just Dance, iconic model of the brand, has been designed for adults and for children with a revenge model and a Junior. White color, the energy of the game is revealed by its phosphorescent outer soles in the dark, by its colorful eyelets and a multicolored logo of just dance embroidered on the side.

Freestyle HI : Another lifestyle model, the freestyle hi x just dance is white, it has colorful eyelets and a multicolored logo of just dance embroidered on the side. It is also made of reflective metal leather to recall the simple but eccentric atmosphere of the game.

Note that this Reebok X Just Dance collection is available exclusively on the Reebok website now.