New games not from day 1 in the new PS plus: would damage games

The New PlayStation Plus model should not integrate top title from day 1 to the service. The service, which PlayStation NOW and PlayStation Plus combined in a new price stage, differs significantly from the competitor Xbox Game Pass in this regard. Microsoft’s service also offers top titles to release as part of its own subscription model. For the decision not to follow this idea, it expressed itself Jim Ryan , CEO of PlayStation.


“Our gamers like this cycle”

Ryan explains that one would currently be in a good cycle at the studios. Investments lead to success, success leads to investments, investments lead to success. “We like this circulation and thinking, our gamers like this circulation_”.
In addition, Ryan mentions that Sony has previously not implemented Triple-A-Title to release directly in a subscription model.

And is not a way we are using this service (the new PS-Plus) _. We think that if we would do that with the games we produce at PlayStation Studios, then break the positive cycle would. The investments we do at PlayStation Games would not be possible and we think that the knock-on effect for the quality of our games would not be what gamers want.

New games to the release in the future?

However, Jim Ryan is also open to the unpredictable developments in the industry. Finally, the world is currently changing very fast and “night is forever“. Triple-A-Playstation games on the PC like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone and God of War would have been completely unthinkable before four years ago. “We had great commercial and critical success, and all find it completely alright that that happens._”

I would like to chisel nothing in st1. Everything about what I’m talking about is today’s approach to the closer future. As our sales work is currently working, the (new Triple-A games directly in PS-Plus) _absolut makes no sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry.

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