Souldiers, a 2D meteridvania developed in Spain, already hgame a date and demo

The Spanish Retro Forge study is getting closer and closer to relegamee its first video game. Hand from Dear Villagers arrives suldiers , a two-dimensional meter with graphic style pixel art that will arrive at the digital stores of PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam this 19 of May. The announcement of the launch date of the game hgame been accompanied by a new trailer gameplay and an anime style presentation that shows the mime that is depositing the project.

Curiosity to try souldiers can be calmed right now, in fact. The game hgame a demo available in Steam and can already be added to the List of desired ; Something highly recommended for those who want to closely follow the progress of development and that Valve recommends the game to more people.

What is Souldiers about? This is what awaits us

Souldiers will make us control a soldier who sought to save the kingdom of him… until he reached A Terragaya , a mystical land “in the confines of the beyond.” Are they dead? Our goal will be Find the Guardian and advance the next world . The main problem is that the protagonist really and the companions of him are not dead, but in another place full of mysteries.

“He cheats the cunning enemies, he resolves nefarious puzzles, improves your character and explores every corner of a dazzling and intricate world in 16 bits. Souldiers is an epopey retro handmade for posterity “, define Retro Forge, a study settled in Madrid, Spain. Great features, this is what awaits us in the gameplay of the title:

  • Body to body combats with attack, blocking and dodging above all kinds of enemies. Improvement of skills and equipment with different combat styles.
  • An interconnected world made by hand with secrets, bosses and hidden roads.
  • 16-bit Style: It is not a SNES or Mega Drive game, but game if it were terracy breathes retro flavor with striking, animated and segameoned pixels.
  • Puzzle and action at full speed. We can jump from one place to another using a selection of movements that will progressively incregamee.

Souldiers: Official Nintendo Switch + PC Release Window Trailer

Souldiers goes on sale at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam This May 19 in digital format. Your demo is now available in Steam.

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