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Create a game that combines Wordle with League of Legends

Wordle seized the Internet this year, and since then, there have been multiple attempts to try to replicate it inspired by different fandoms and thematic. On this occasion, the players of League of Legends have created their own variant of Wordle , which combines the formula of this successful game with words that the fans of the moba ** will recognize immediately.

Known as YORDLE , this game was created by Reddit’s user, Verevyta. Here you must correctly guess the name of a champion in six attempts or less.

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YORDLE works in the same way that Wordle : Guess a word with a limited number of attempts with feedback based on the positioning of the letters. Instead of being any word, players must guess the name of a champion of League of Legends . And unlike Wordle, YORDLE does not limit your options to only five letters.

Its author mentioned that he intends to add names of items and skills to the game in the coming days to diversify the number of words that appear in each challenge. But for me, you can already try it for yourself by clicking here.

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