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Beautiful hand-drawn scenery fantasy ACT “ITORAH” released-Lets save the world from the mystery of the last survival of humanity

Assemble Entertainment launched the action “ ITORAH ” of Grimbart Tales development on March 22 and released the trailer.

This game is a single play work that develops on a horizontal screen.

The player is a cursed world called Naffkan, which has a mask, a cave, a temple, the mountains, a world tree, etc. as a brave young female warrior “Itler” of humanity last survival, It will be a challenge with an attack with a wolf, including an attack with a wolf, with an adventure to save the world from the spread of the end of the roots of its own roots.

As a feature of this work, a hand-painted beautiful stage with a motif of the Landscape of Latin America, smooth operation animation, puzzle, high difficulty boss battle, cute hero’s contrasting and loss, A story with an atonement is given.

“ITORAH”, which also supports Japanese, is usually distributed at STEAM for PC, usually at 1,742 yen of 15% off until April 5th.

Soundtracks and digital artbooks are included, 10% of revenue supports the world’s leading people’s support for the world’s leading group Survival International, usually 3,060 yen, 15% off by 15% until April 5 During delivery with a circle. Besides that is also treated.