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Community management platform “GGWP” raised about 1.4 billion yen and launched. AI makes the AI with harmful behavior of online

The US investors have announced the launch of the platform “GGWP” against the toxic culture that is toxic (TOXIC) on the game on March 21th. AI is used to provide a moderation such as harmful chat. Overseas Media THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER conveys.

GGWP is a moderation platform that can be used for online games. The platform name is named from the “Good Game, Well Played, good match, good match, good match, good match”. The purpose of this platform is to deal with harmful words and acts by the user, which occurs inside the online game, etc. In the system where the players come in contact with each other, dullness, rants and harassment in online games have not been stopped. Although there are also many works that use automatic or manual moderation, or both, the community sounding is a big troubleshion for game development and operation.

GGWP aims to modernize such moderation by system using AI. The platform is integrated into the game, and a report management system is also incorporated that evaluates the severity of the trouble. The system also provides information such as troubleshooting, past player data, reputation scores and reporting reliability. Game operators can customize and use these mechanisms, and more efficiently respond to trouble. In other words, it is a mechanism to put the appropriateness of notification and the data of harassment together, and make it possible to make the human moderator more accurately and quickly.

GGWP has already attracted large amounts of money. Focused on Bitkraft Ventures, a game-related venture capital (an Investment Company for an Emerging Company), also won funds from investment funds such as Sony Innovation Fund. RIOT Games, known for game companies, etc., “League of Legends” investment. Some investors, such as TWITCH joint founder EMMETT SHEAR, Mr. EMMETT SHEAR, TWITCH, and Mr. STEVE Chen of Youtube co-founder, and Mr. STEVE Chen of Youtube co-founder, are connected. The total amount of funds procured is that it will be $ 12 million (approximately 1.4 billion yen). GGWP may be a powerful means to compete not only on online games but also harmful posts on the web. High attention seems to be reflected in funding.

The platform was launched by three USA. First of all, it is Dennis Fong who serves as CEO (the chief executive officer). He was a person who was active as a “Quake” and “Doom” profile in the name of Thresh. He is also involved in entrepreneurships such as “Xfire” for gamers. From that career, it is seen that the online game culture is also deep.

The company’s president and COO (highest executive officer) is Kun Gao, and is a co-founder of Media Delivery Service Crunchyroll, a media delivery service centered on Japan anime. And George Ng is the CTO (the highest technical person). He is a co-founder of Cyence (now Guidewire Cyence) that offers a risk analysis solution for insurers using AI. He is also a technician who belonged to the former Darpa (US Defense High Research Planning Bureau) and is also a specialist of data science. Such members want to focus on how to fight against the toxicity in the online game.