C2X, the Global Major Exchange FTX and FTX

The Com2us Group was listed on the ‘C2X’ token, which is a great interest in participating as a core content provider, and the Global Best Commercial Exchange, “FTX ‘and’ Fuo Global ‘

The C2x block, the ‘C2X (Ticker: CTX)’ token, a ‘C2X (Ticker: CTX)’ token, was released through ‘FTX’ and ‘Hoiovi Global’, a global virtual asset exchange from 11 pm on the 21st night of Korea. FTX is a virtual asset data provider ‘Coin Market Cap’ standard, the world’s third largest global asset transaction. ‘Fuo Global’ also supports a variety of virtual asset transactions as a major virtual asset exchange.

In the investment round prior to C2X (CTX), we have attracted $ 25 million (about 30.3 billion) investment in $ 25 million (about 30.3 billion) and demonstrated high expectations for C2x projects. FTX Ventures, Jump Krypto, Animoka Brance, etc. participated as a major investor, and 20 virtual assets and blocks, games and entertainment areas including Tera, Hashde, Skybound, Galaxy Interactive, Block Chain Basters, Crypto.com. The global leading companies were together.

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The C2X platform was actively introduced in the development of the depression and the system that is pursued in Web3 and the system of user participation. C2x users can not only secure complete ownership of assets and data, but also participate directly in platform operations and can be a sovereign party of platforms that extend the ecosystem. Com2us group is the main content provider of the ecosystem, “Summer Nourners: 100 years war”, ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicle’, ‘Croenk Fouls: AFK Raid’, ‘World of Genoia’, etc. More than 10 Web3 games It is scheduled to promote initial ecosystem activation.